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Meriweather won't elaborate on relationship with rape suspect

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Bears safety Brandon Meriweather is distancing himself from rape allegations at his Foxboro, Mass., home.

The Sun Chronicle in Attleboro, Mass., reported Wednesday that a Mississippi man is free on $10,000 cash bail after allegedly raping a woman this summer in Meriweather's home.

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“To be honest, it’s a serious matter but that has nothing to do with me,” Meriweather told the Chicago Tribune in Wednesday's edition. “I’m going to let them handle that.”

Norfolk County District Attorney spokesman David Traub said there's a Sept. 20 pre-trial conference scheduled on a rape charge brought against James Roberts, 29, of Biloxi, Miss.

Traub confirmed Meriweather is not involved in the criminal case.

"There has been no allegation against anyone but Roberts," Traub said.

Meriweather declined to elaborate on his relationship with Roberts.

"I'll keep that with them," Meriweather said. "I don't want to answer no questions about that."

Meriweather, who said his "focus is on the Saints", signed with the Bears in September after four seasons with the Patriots.



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