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Raiders rookie QB Pryor tries to clear air on Wonderlic score

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What's in a Wonderlic score? For Oakland Raiders rookie quarterback Terrelle Pryor, enough that he came out and defended himself against a report about a very low score.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Pryor received a seven on his test -- which he took on his August 20 pro day -- only to take it again the next day to improve to 21. He took to Twitter on Wednesday to try to set the record straight.

"Funny thing is I scored a 22 on my Wonderlic," Pryor tweeted. "Get it right ask @RosenhausSports."

Drew Rosenhaus is Pryor's agent.

Pryor's claim was backed up -- sort of -- by Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert, who administered both tests. Colbert would not confirm the score of the first test but told ESPN.com that Pryor's second test was significantly improved.

Colbert declined to disclose Pryor's score on the second test.

"The report of a seven test score is erroneous," Colbert said. "I administered both tests and I can tell you that his score was significantly higher than that. I informed all teams and scouts interested in him about the score. In scouting, we always go with the higher Wonderlic score."

Though Wonderlic scores are supposed to be confidential, Colbert said he received clearance from the NFL to reveal that Pryor's score was better than the reported seven.

The Wonderlic, which is annually administered during the NFL Scouting Combine, has stirred controversy in the past as it pertains to quarterbacks possessing high football IQs. Certain players' scores have leaked to create controversy.

The most notable player with a low score to have a great career was Hall of Famer Dan Marino, who reportedly scored a 16. Conversely, first-round busts JaMarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf scored a 24 and a 27, respectively.



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