Pick Six  


Time for Kiffin to let it go, concentrate on ruining USC


Did you see that? And no, I'm not talking about the Angels dropping two of three games in Texas over the weekend (so much for Jered Weaver going on three days' rest). No, there was plenty of NFL preseason action last week as we draw even closer to the beginning of the 2011 season.

The third week of preseason is my favorite because while starters receive extended playing time, we catch a brief glimpse of what teams will be able to do in the regular season. There are a number of things to talk about, including some amazing comebacks, a surprise engagement and a coach who just can't let go of the past.

Here are my six things worth discussing after Week 3 of the preseason.

And without further ado ...

6. Packers rally to win
The end of the Packers-Colts contest would be something we'd talk about for years if, you know, it counted for something. But Packers quarterback Graham Harrell will have an awesome story to tell his grandchildren some day. He can omit the part about it being a preseason game. Watch the video.

5. Bradford to tie the knot
Rams quarterback Sam Bradford made a young fan cry when he signed her poster that said, "Marry Me Bradford," during a game at Kansas City. Obviously the nuptials are in the pending category, but credit Bradford for a nice gesture. See, preseason games matter to her. Watch video here.

4. Lions are fighting
Detroit is the darling pick of NFL experts everywhere, and you have to love the new attitude of the defense. Lawrence Jackson and Ndamukong Suh got into it briefly with Logan Mankins during the rout of the Patriots. That's the kind of attitude the Lions need to show.

3. The Cardinals' playbook has only one play
Arizona's offense looks like the play chart from "Madden" football. Sure, many are plays available, but there's only one you truly want to use. In Kevin Kolb's case, it's the "Throw the ball up and let Larry Fitzgerald go grab it" play. But give Kolb credit for this block here.

2. Aaron Rodgers' mustache
Rodgers hasn't been a stranger to facial hair. But this new mustache is something else. If he was bald and wearing a bandana, I'd think it was Hulk Hogan playing quarterback for the Packers. Rodgers should at least enter the field to "Real American."

1. Lane Kiffin rips Al Davis
Kiffin bashed the Raiders in an ESPN.com interview, but why? He accused the Raiders of being out of touch, which is about as Earth-shattering news as saying the cast of "Jersey Shore" is overexposed. Seriously, this is an NFL coach's version of "What's the deal with airline peanuts?"

We get it. But then again, Kiffin probably wanted to deflect attention about his own shortcomings at Tennessee and how he's about to take the USC program to depths not seen since the Paul Hackett era.

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