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Rex isn't alone among inked-up NFL coaches


Rex Ryan is a lot of things. A player's coach to most, unfair to a few (at least if you believe Vernon Gholston). A coach's son and a coach's twin. A defensive wiz. A trash-talking lover of food, feet and fun (and unlike former Jets coach Herman Edwards, Rex is actually trying to be funny). One thing he isn't, though, is a trailblazer for getting a tattoo. Sure, it happens to be a very large tat -- and not an especially attractive one -- but Rex is hardly the first NFL head coach to get some ink. Look closely at the following images, and you'll see he's just the latest in a long line of high-profile coaches to go under the needle.

Vince Lombardi

Tupac Shakur is more often associated with the phrase, but as this tat clearly shows, Vince Lombardi (seen here showing his new ink to a clearly impressed Bart Starr) beat him to it by at least two decades. Then again, it's not a surprise considering Lombardi and Tupac lived essentially the same life. Illustration

Bill Parcells

Makes sense that Parcells would give love to the guy whose miss gave him and his Giants their second Super Bowl win. Illustration

Dick Vermeil

Some tattoos are self-explanatory. Illustration

Al Davis

If the rumors are true, Al might need to make an appointment with a SoCal artist in early 2012. Illustration

Bill Belichick

Why on Earth would he have tattoos of plays for other teams? That makes no sense, unless he's... wait a second! Illustration

Pete Carroll

At least somebody got away with it. Illustration

Andy Reid

This begs an obvious question: Is that from Geno's or Pat's? Illustration



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