Pick Six  


Did you see that? Some great moments from the Arena League


Did anybody catch the play above from the Arena League action on Monday night? As a former beat writer for the AFL, I thought that I had seen everything during my time following the Los Angeles Avengers.

Yeah, I was wrong.

Fans are allowed to grab any ball that goes into the stands in the Arena League, but the same doesn't go for helmets -- especially while a player is still wearing one.

The Jacksonville fans and players seem rather pleased initially that this fan was able to keep the other team from advancing the ball. But following a 15-yard penalty, Jacksonville coach Les Moss does not seem as pleased.

So let's have some fun today. Our crack staff has put together six of the best must-see moments of the AFL over the past two years on NFL Network.

And without further ado ...

6. Off the wall

What better way to start a Pick Six than with an actual pick six? One great thing about the game is that the ball is always in play, even if it ricochets off the wall. Really though, why does the quarterback get dinged with a pick in this instance?

5. Talk about backfires

If you are going to pull the onsides kick, make sure that it is going to work. See, if Hank Baskett would have been able to do this in Super Bowl XLIV for the Colts, he might still have a job in this league. He'd still be married to Kendra Wilkinson, sure, but he would have won the game for the Colts.

4. Two the hard way

Granted, this might look like some sort of flash mob gone bad, but let me tell you that this is the way that it was drawn up. Yep, this is the ol' "snap the ball over Vic Hall's head and let him do his thing" play. Works every time.

3. Up and over

The wall cannot stop Predators WR Antoine Toliver, it can only hope to contain him. And in this instance, the wall certainly did not. What is cool about the AFL is that some arenas, like the one here in Jacksonville, have shorter walls and end zones. Could you imagine if the Packers played with only a five-foot end zone or something?

2. David who?

David Tyree made his name with a one-handed grab in the Super Bowl, pinning the ball to the side of his helmet. But did Tyree have to hold the ball to his head and be flipped over a wall? No, he only had Rodney Harrison draped to him. Sharks WR Sale Key had the more impressive catch, but Tyree's came in the Super Bowl, which I have to figure ranks above an AFL game. I think.

1. Oh, waitress!

The term, "you have to keep your head on a swivel" even applies to the waitresses in the Arena Football League. This young lady, however, takes the shot and keeps going. Although, you have to imagine that if Roger Goodell ran the AFL, he would fine Barnstormers WR Todd Blythe for hitting a defenseless waitress.

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