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Situation in Philly would ideally suit Favre if he returns


Brett Favre should make another comeback.

That's right. The quarterback, who's coming off the worst season of his illustrious NFL career, should grab the pads to make one final run at a Super Bowl. And he should do it with the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Despite agent Bus Cook's denials, if the Eagles' reported interest in Favre is accurate, it's a scenario that would mutually benefit team and player.

For the Eagles, Favre would solve their backup quarterback issues should Kevin Kolb leave in a trade. Few players and coaches are capable of matching Favre's knowledge of the West Coast system, which Philadelphia runs. His familiarity with coach Andy Reid and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg from his Green Bay Packers days would make for a relatively seamless transition into the Eagles' scheme.

As Favre's former position coach, Reid understands the quarterback's preferences within the scheme and could build a "just in case" package that fits the signal-caller's skill set at 41. Reid also could scale back Favre's reps to keep him mentally and physically fresh.

Now, some would suggest that Favre has never shown an interest in being a backup or mentor, but his recent work with Minnesota Vikings quarterback Joe Webb indicates he might be comfortable passing along his knowledge and experiences to the Eagles' quarterbacks.

Michael Vick, in particular, could benefit from seeing how the veteran tormented opponents for years with his big arm and masterful improvisation. Much like Vick, Favre spent the early portion of his career winning games as a gunslinger with little discipline in the pocket. He heavily relied on his strong arm and fearless nature to make plays. However, Favre developed into a precise pocket passer in his later years, and his transformation allowed him to remain productive when others would start to show signs of decline.

If he could convey that knowledge to Vick, Favre might help the Pro Bowl quarterback continue to make significant strides as a passer and further the transformation from run-first playmaker to deadly pocket passer in Philadelphia.

While the mentoring aspect of Favre's presence certainly would intrigue the Eagles, his ability to win games in Vick's possible absence should fuel the move. Vick has only completed one full season as a starter in his eight-year career, and the Eagles must have a contingency plan available to deal with his possible absence. Favre would give them a viable option to retain their explosiveness without having their top playmaker available.

With the Eagles' core of DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Brent Celek and LeSean McCoy at his disposal, Favre could turn back the clock and provide a handful of sensational performances to keep the team on track for a championship run. In addition, Favre can provide the kind of insight that allows each of their respective games to blossom. Remember, he was instrumental in the development of Greg Jennings and Donald Driver in Green Bay, and we saw what kind of player Sidney Rice became in 2009 under Favre's watch.

After Favre rode off into the sunset following a terrific 20-year run, a perfect opportunity to join a young team with championship aspirations should be enough to lure him into another encore in 2011.

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