Will Brady be No. 1 in 'Top 100 Players of 2012' list, too?

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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady won the esteemed No. 1 spot in "The Top 100 Players of 2011" countdown. What are the odds of a repeat performance in 2012?

  • Steve Wyche NFL.com
  • As long as peers vote, Brady likely stays No. 1

    What reason would there be for Brady not to be No. 1 again? If he stays healthy, he's going to put up big numbers. The Patriots will be among the best teams in the league. His receivers will have gaudy totals. He will have driven his rival defenders crazy.

    One thing about players voting on these things, they take into account how hard it is to play against other players. That's why Peyton Manning and Brady always will be at the top of lists like this as long as they play. They're one step ahead in terms of reads. They're accurate, and they're money when it matters.

    Although Manning might end up with more coin after he signs his new contract, Brady probably will get more love from his peers again.
  • Adam Rank NFL.com
  • This thing is too predictable

    What does it really matter? The top two finishers in next year's list will be Brady and Manning. The players are programmed to ignore Manning's inability to rise to the occasion in the playoffs or that Brady hasn't won a playoff game in quite some time.

    The sad thing is that the players only use Twitter to give their true feelings on their colleagues. When it comes to lists like this, the players are just as lazy as the fans who vote in the MLB All-Star Game balloting and will select Derek Jeter as a starter even though the game passed him by quite some time ago.
  • Pat Kirwan NFL.com
  • Brady, Pats will remain among best

    Brady always has a chance to be No. 1 with his performance. Keep in mind, the Patriots were in a youth movement and a rebuilding season in 2010 and still won 14 games. Brady will have an improved supporting cast around him, and if the Patriots provide some significant help in free agency, they could be headed back to the Super Bowl, and he will win again unless, of course, people want a new leader.
  • Elliot Harrison NFL.com
  • Consistency (and popularity) keep Brady at No. 1

    Not to be a jerk, but can I say I think Brady will likely be No. 1 next year as well? Even if he doesn't have a season that merits putting him in the top one, two, or three, he's so consistently good that I don't see him being usurped.

    Frankly, I think Brady is more popular around the players than Peyton Manning ... and considering they vote on the Top 100 list, that counts for something.

    If Aaron Rodgers plays lights out again, and the Packers repeat, that might change things. Or, maybe if Michael Vick wins the MVP ... maybe.

    But in this era, a quarterback is going to finish No. 1 on the Top 100 list, and the best player at that position wears jersey No. 12 on the Patriots. Not to mention ... even though guys aren't supposed to vote on past accomplishments, it's pretty tough for an NFL player to ignore three Super Bowl rings.


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