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Weaver says Jaguars aren't moving anywhere, including L.A.

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The Jacksonville Jaguars aren't moving anywhere, including Los Angeles, team owner Wayne Weaver reiterated Tuesday to The Florida Times-Union.

"I have no interest (in Los Angeles)," said the only owner the Jaguars have ever had. "I have been consistent in saying I am committed to Jacksonville and have no interest (in moving)."

Tim Leiweke, president of AEG, the group proposing to build a $1.35 billion stadium in downtown Los Angeles, said last week that his group has been in contact with five teams, including the Jaguars, about potentially moving to L.A.

Speculation has surrounded the Jaguars because of the team's struggles to sell tickets.

"We have to work hard and be more creative because we’re in a small market in a difficult economy with high unemployment rates and a housing crisis that is more difficult than in other cities," Weaver said.



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