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Rams players to break down film at player-organized minicamp

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Several St. Louis Rams players will stage a minicamp Thursday through Sunday at an undisclosed location in Arizona, according to linebacker James Laurinaitis.

During the taping of my "Cover Two Podcast" with co-host Bucky Brooks, Laurinaitis said that cornerback Ron Bartell and others are trying to get all skill-position players to attend the session.

Not all of the work will be on field either. Bartell, Laurinaitis and other players have video of previous years' games, and players will get the chance to break down film during the minicamp. Laurinaitis stressed the importance of getting as much film and class work done now so players will be ready when the lockout ends.

Laurinaitis added that quarterback Sam Bradford has plays from new offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels' playbook but without being coached how McDaniels wants the plays to be run, there is only so much to be gained.

Laurinaitis compared what offensive players are going through in trying to learn a new offense during the lockout to learning Spanish from an English-Spanish dictionary. Words can be learned but to understand the language and speak it fluently, it has to be taught and spoken frequently, Laurinaitis said.



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