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Let's go old school with uniforms

  • By Adam Rank NFL.com
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The Washington Redskins introduced some new throwback uniforms for 2012 and they are pretty cool. But just how cool? We’ll reserve final judgment until we see them in action.

So for right now, let’s take a look at six coolest throwback uniforms in the NFL right now.

The Bills, of course, will be left off this list because they did the right thing and went with the old look. These teams should do the same.

Honorable mention: Detroit Lions

The first thing the Lions should do is rid themselves of any black in the uniform. Those black-tinged uniforms only remind me of the Joey Harrington era in Detroit. Or worse, Matt Millen. Why not go back to an era of the Lions winning to welcome a new era of the Lions winning this year? Oh yeah, the Lions are going to the playoffs this year.

Paul Sancya/Associated Press

Honorable mention: Atlanta Falcons

There could be a case made for the truly old-school Falcons look with the black uniforms and red helmets. But why not go back to the Steve Bartkowski/William Andrews/Alfred Jenkins era with the red uniforms and red helmets?

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No. 6 Seattle Seahawks (road)

The Seahawks had one of the best color schemes in the NFL, and they had to go out and ruin it. And then the club further started thumbing its nose at the team's fans by going to a lime-green alternate uniform. Why would the Seahawks ever want to shy away from this classic look? Plus this makes for a good fashion matchup against other teams.

David Stluka/Associated Press

No. 6 Seattle Seahawks (home)

NFL Films recently showed Emmitt Smith breaking the all-time rushing mark, a moment that was ruined because the Seahawks were wearing some horrific dark uniforms. At some point, I figure the NFL Films crew will have to re-edit the footage to put the Seahawks in their proper royal blue uniforms with the silver pants. Silver pants and silver helmets work great with white uniforms.

Barry Sweet/Associated Press

No. 5 Houston Oilers (road)

As evidenced by the Bills throwbacks (and later in this list), the AFL really knew what they were doing when it came to uniforms. The goal, obviously, was to stand out on television, something that would be huge with new high definition televisions. You could just about put every AFL team on the list, but these handsome uniforms really need to return to the NFL full time. The socks rock on this, too.

Bill Kostroun/Associated Press

No. 5 Houston Oilers (home)

Here's my gripe, though. How come the Texans didn't get to participate in the AFL throwback party? Bud Adams should have forfeited the Oilers name (like Art Modell did with the Browns) when the franchise moved to Tennessee. The football franchise in Houston should not only be the Oilers, at the very least, the Texans should have adopted these uniforms.

Wade Payne/Associated Press

No. 4 San Diego Chargers (road)

The Chargers continue to get closer to the uniforms that everybody wants to see with each passing uniform design. The current Chargers uniforms are not offensive, and do work somewhat. But nothing beats these classic all white uniforms. And really, it is hard to beat an all-white uniform with a white helmet. Come on Chargers, do the right thing!

Charlie Riedel/Associated Press

No. 4 San Diego Chargers (home)

There have been different variations with the powder blue. Some of the Lance Alworth era had gold pants. But nothing is better than the white pants here. And to belabor this point again, the fans have overwhelmingly said they want those powder blue uniforms back as evidenced by the number of fans who wear those jerseys at Qualcomm Stadium. Do the right thing, Chargers.

Lenny Ignelzi/Associated Press

No. 3 Philadelphia Eagles (road)

The Eagles have had a number of great uniforms in the past, but this 1970s version of the road uniform is awesome. Those sleeves really make the uniform, though it might not work considering that most players now tuck their sleeves underneath their shoulder pads. Maybe it could work in conjunction with some striped undershirts.

Paul Spinelli/Associated Press

No. 3 Philadelphia Eagles (home)

While we go back to the 1970s for the road uniforms, the Eagles should go back all the way to 1960 for its home uniforms. This shade of green really needs to come back for the Eagles. And besides, why not pay homage to the Chuck Bednarik era? If this was good enough for Concrete Charlie, then it is good enough for the current Eagles.

Brian Garfinkel/Associated Press

No. 2 New England Patriots (road)

Let's start with the logo. Replacing Pat the Patriot with the flying Elvis was worse than the Tuck Rule. But again, the thing that makes the road uniforms sing are the all-white uniforms with a white helmet. And let me make the general point that no team should ever wear solid-colored pants with a white jersey.

Chris Schneider/Associated Press

No. 2 New England Patriots (home)

Again, the 50th anniversary of the AFL only served to remind everybody that teams used to have really awesome uniforms. In the Patriots' case, red is a much more menacing color that not enough teams take advantage of. Besides, if the Bills are doing the right thing and going back to their old-school uniforms, how long before the Patriots make this the full-time look. Do the right thing, Patriots!

Steven Senne/Associated Press

No. 1 Los Angeles Rams (road)

You know what makes this uniform great? The yellow sleeves. I was almost willing to go with the Fearsome Foursome era blue and white, but the yellow makes it. Plus, as Dave Dameshek is quick to point out, the gray facemask is much more superior to the blue helmet. The team did go to the blue facemask during the Eric Dickerson era, but that never quite looked right.

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No. 1 Los Angeles Rams (home)

Probably the best uniform in NFL history. What's cool about the Rams' classic look is that the only white on the jersey is on the nameplate. However, the current St. Louis version of the team should not revert to these uniforms. Instead, if the Rams ever moved back to Los Angeles, what a fitting way to welcome the team back than to bring back this classic look?

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