Favre still retired, not sure if there will be a 2011 season

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HACKLEBURG, Ala. -- Former NFL quarterback Brett Favre says he has no intention of coming out of retirement.

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Favre said he was "done with football" when asked Wednesday if he might attempt another comeback. Favre, a spokesman for Wrangler jeans, met with employees at a Wrangler plant that was destroyed by recent tornadoes that devastated the region.

Favre signed autographs for members of the Hackleburg High School football team and Wrangler employees.

Favre, who last played in the NFL with the Minnesota Vikings, couldn't escape talking football. When he first stepped out of his vehicle, he was greeted by Marion County Commission President Don Barnwell, who asked him if he was going to play football this year.

As for the NFL lockout, Favre says he doesn't know if there "would be any football" this year.

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