Pick Six  


Other pro leagues have given us bad football and uniforms


What's the one thing that springs to mind when you think of other professional football leagues? Well, other than Kurt Warner, Steve Young's huge contract and Donald Trump sinking a viable summer alternative.

That's right, some terrible uniforms.

The XFL gave us nicknames on the back of the jerseys while NFL Europe added logos to the front, while the World Football League gave us some of the worst color combinations imaginable. So this was really tough, but here are the six worst uniforms from leagues outside of the NFL (meaning the Broncos brown and gold getup is spared here).

6. Los Angeles Avengers

Ben Liebenberg/WireImage
The Avengers were the only pro football team in Los Angeles and this is what we got?

5. Frankfurt Galaxy

Edgar Schoepal/Associated Press
Why do uniform designers sometimes feel like they need to mess with a good thing?

4. Memphis Maniax

Lance Murphey/Associated Press
Light blue, yellow, red and black? The WWF's worst idea since Doink the Clown.

3. Take your pick here

Cesar Rangel/Associated Press
These uniforms are why NFL Europe did not survive. You cannot convince me otherwise.

2. Southern California Sun

Pro Football Hall of Fame
This would be the worst uniform of a team playing in Anaheim until the Mighty Ducks were formed.

1. Orlando Thunder

National Football League
Even if this came out during the day-glo era of the 1980s, this would still be a horrible, horrible idea.