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Writers, broadcasters make picks for teams they cover

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NFL.com gathered writers and broadcasters from around the country to play GM for the teams they cover.

This is the first of four parts. Picks No. 9-16 will be revealed on Tuesday, April 5.

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Team needs: Quarterback, defensive end, defensive tackle, outside linebacker, cornerback (For more: NFC South team needs)

On the beat: Joe Person, beat writer, The Charlotte Observer

Analysis: "(Ron) Rivera is a defensive guy, that's his background. So, you would think that he'd look at a guy like (Marcell) Dareus in the middle of that defense or Patrick Peterson on the back end, but at the end of the day when you have the No. 1 overall pick, it's really hard not to take a quarterback."

» Panthers: Fan War Room


Team needs: Defensive end, safety, tight end, defensive tackle, right tackle, running back (For more: AFC West team needs)

On the beat: Andrew Mason, editor, MaxDenver.com

Analysis: "The one thing you hear from the Broncos, particularly John Elway, who is their chief decision-maker right now, is that they cannot afford to miss on this pick."

» Broncos: Fan War Room


Team needs: Quarterback, left tackle, guard, defensive end, outside linebacker, tight end (For more: AFC East team needs)

On the beat: Chris Brown, lead journalist, BuffaloBills.com

Analysis: "The Bills need help on the defensive side of the ball, both with the pass rush, which (he) would help and against the run, where they finished last in the league last year."

» Bills: Fan War Room


Team needs: Quarterback, safety, middle linebacker, defensive end, running back, wide receiver (For more: AFC North team needs)

On the beat: Joe Reedy, beat writer, Cincinnati Enquirer

Analysis: "There was an obvious need for the downfield passing game ... they could go for a quarterback, but right now that'd be a stretch given the other needs the Bengals have."

» Bengals: Fan War Room


Team needs: Quarterback, outside linebacker, guard, tight end, cornerback, offensive tackle (For more: NFC West team needs)

On the beat: Darren Urban, beat writer, AZCardinals.com

Analysis: "If you can start him along side DRC, given their youth and playmaking ability, that has a chance to be one of the upper echelon tandems in the league."

» Cardinals: Fan War Room


Team needs: Wide receiver, defensive end, right tackle, safety, middle linebacker, guard (For more: AFC North team needs)

On the beat: Tony Grossi, beat writer, Cleveland Plain Dealer

Analysis: "It's obvious that (the Browns) are lacking bodies, not only bodies but playmakers on defense. (He) would fit that, giving them a boost up front."

» Browns: Fan War Room


Team needs: Quarterback, nose tackle, cornerback, outside linebacker, safety, center (For more: NFC West team needs)

On the beat: Matt Barrows, reporter, Sacramento Bee

Analysis: "This is a guy who could conceivably start for 10, 12, maybe 15 years. And if he's sitting there right in front of you at No. 7, you don't pass that opportunity up, and I don't think (coach) Jim Harbaugh would."

» 49ers: Fan War Room


Team needs: Quarterback, defensive tackle, guard, outside linebacker, center, defensive end (For more: AFC South team needs)

On the beat: Frank Wycheck, analyst, Titans Radio Network

Analysis: "He just looks like he has great technique already. He's not a raw player that you have to teach a lot of things to, especially getting after the quarterback."

» Titans: Fan War Room



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