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Snyder says club is exploring relocating Redskin Park

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One of the Washington Redskins' key offseason moves won't involve a player, but laying the groundwork for a state-of-the-art practice facility, The Washington Post reported.

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Team owner Daniel Snyder told the newspaper the Redskins are investigating the feasibility of relocating Redskins Park from its current Ashburn, Va., location -- 32 miles away from FedEx Field (more than a 42-mile drive).

"We would be open to moving our training facility," Snyder said Friday. "Not our stadium right now but our training facility to a new location, whether it's in Washington, it's in Maryland or in Virginia. We want to look state of the art. We've been looking at a lot of plans for the New York Jets facility that they just opened. We really like that. We have an older facility, and we need a new one. So we're open to moving our headquarters."

The owner added that no timeline exists for relocating team headquarters.

"It doesn't take long to build these," he said. "We had the architects come in. Unlike a stadium, it doesn't take that long."



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