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Jets owner: No new developments in Revis holdout saga


ATLANTA -- I just spoke with New York Jets owner Woody Johnson at the Special League Meeting on Wednesday, and he told me that to his knowledge, there is nothing new with the team and holdout cornerback Darrelle Revis.

I asked Johnson if there have been any recent meetings or negotiations, and he said the team and Revis' representatives have promised not to publicly discuss the matter. But Johnson said, again, to his knowledge, there have been no new developments.

Lastly, I asked him if he expects Revis to report to the team anytime soon. Johnson said, to his knowledge, things remain "status quo."

There have been conflicting reports in the past few days regarding Revis' holdout. The New York Daily News reported Wednesday that the sides are close to coming to terms on a new deal.

The Dallas Morning News reported that Revis' agents and the Jets were supposed to meet Tuesday night, but the Daily News said there are strong indications that such a meeting never took place.



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