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Favre's restructured contract could net him up to $28M in 2010


For Brett Favre, it might not be about the money. But he'll sure make a ton of it.

Favre's reworked deal with the Minnesota Vikings has yet to become official in the NFL or NFL Players Association contract system, but league sources expect it to occur soon.

Sources report that the 40-year-old quarterback will receive up to $3 million in a new signing bonus. He will earn another $4 million in new incentives based largely on the Vikings' playoff performance this season.

With that in mind -- and given the structure of his existing contract -- Favre could cap his final NFL campaign by pocketing up to $28 million. Not bad.

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When Favre signed with the Vikings before last season, $8 million of his $12 million salary in 2009 was deferred to the 2010 league year (March 2010 to March 2011). Within that window, the Vikings could end up paying Favre the full $28 million should they win a Super Bowl, and at least $24 million regardless.

Had Favre retired, he still would have received the $8 million in deferred 2009 salary payments. On March 15, Favre received a $4 million deferred payment from his 2009 salary. The second $4 million installment is due Feb. 28.

Favre will receive his $3 million signing bonus when the new contract becomes official. He will earn an additional $13 million in 2010 base salary, which becomes guaranteed once he's on the roster in Week 1 as a vested veteran. Favre also has the $4 million in incentives as part of the new deal.

It's a substantial financial investment from ownership, and a sign of how vital Favre is to the Vikings' organization.



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