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Vision problems sideline Raiders CB Asomugha vs. Eagles

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OAKLAND, Calif. -- Raiders Pro Bowl cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha was poked in the eye during Sunday's 13-9 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, briefly returned and again left the game with vision trouble.

"It's killing me right now," Asomugha said after the game. "They kept putting numbing drops in, but that would go away after about five minutes. The cornea was damaged on the third play of the game. I got hit in the eye by DeSean (Jackson), so we'll check it out tomorrow."

Asomugha was lying down on a table behind the Raiders' bench for about 20 minutes while being examined by several members of the medical staff. Asomugha was back on the field midway through the second quarter, but he had a tough time.

"I came back in because I was trying to go with it," Asomugha said. "We had the shield on because the light was killing my eye, so I went back in. I was on the field, but I couldn't see because it was really blurry. So, that was a waste of time, so I came back out."

Asomugha watched as much of the game as he could.

"I was trying to make out what was going on, then it got better, so I was able to see it," he said.

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