No decision yet on whether to charge Raiders' Cable with assault


No decision has been made yet on whether or not to prosecute Oakland Raiders coach Tom Cable for an incident involving defensive assistant Randy Hanson, according to Lee Philipson, the Assistant District Attorney for Napa County, California.

Philipson would say only that, "the case is under review," and that his office would make an announcement if any charges were forthcoming.

Randy Hanson,
Defensive assistant

Oakland Raiders

Age: 41
Experience: Vikings, 2003-05; Rams, 2006; Raiders, 2007-present

Hanson, who told police Cable broke his jaw during a meeting of defensive coaches during training camp in Napa in August, turned over medical records and was interviewed by police last month, according to his lawyer, John McGuinn.

That police investigation has concluded and Philipson said any decision to move forward with charges rests with his office alone.

According to McGuinn, Raiders assistants John Marshall, Willie Brown and Lionel Washington were in the room with Hanson and Cable at the time of the alleged altercation, with McGuinn terming it, "a textbook case of felony assault."

McGuinn said he believes the other assistant coaches were interviewed in the case, but Philipson would provide no other details. Some league sources believe a decision on Cable's status could come this week, possibly within a day, but Philipson did not provide a timetable.

Cable has denied striking Hanson, and the Raiders have not commented on it, other than to refer to it as an "internal matter."

Cable said Monday he would not comment and will let the legal process play out. Cable said the reports ever since the alleged attack have not been a distraction for him as he focuses on his job.

"It can't. When it all is resolved, you'll understand why I'm acting the way I am," he said. "It's just something I'm not going to talk about and shouldn't talk about. I'll let that process do its thing."

The NFL is also investigating the matter. League spokesman Greg Aiello termed it "a law enforcement matter as this time," while adding, "we will proceed accordingly at the appropriate time."

Contrary to some reports, Aiello said there is no meeting between Cable and Commissioner Roger Goodell planned at this time.

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