Favre expected to decide on whether or not to join Vikings by Friday

  • By Thomas George
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Why Favre wants to return
Brett Favre is a three-time MVP and has won a Super Bowl. But after struggling to finish on a high note the last two years, he wants a fitting end to his career, Thomas George writes. More ...

» Vikes pleased with Favre's progress

If Brett Favre were deciding upon a 19th NFL season that involved a venue closer to his Hattiesburg, Miss., home -- say New Orleans -- the answer would already be yes. If there was a regular-season game to be played in two weeks, his answer would already be yes.

Minus those deal-makers, Favre is mulling the potential deal-breakers. He thinks his body -- and specifically his arm -- can withstand season-long exertion. He questions whether he wants to endure the toil of a training camp, a preseason, and all of the mandatory NFL minutiae.

Ultimately, the Minnesota Vikings expect the answer to be yes.

And those closest to Favre do, too. They expect that he will provide his answer well before the July 30 deadline he recently offered. They expect that he will reveal his decision by Friday.


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