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Offseason spotlight: What's in store for Aaron Rodgers in 2009?

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Quarterback Aaron Rodgers led the Packers to a 6-10 record in his first season as a starter.

As part of NFL Network's 32 teams in 32 days series, airing daily on Total Access, takes a look at a key question facing each NFL team. NFL Network analysts Brian Baldinger and Jamie Dukes discuss Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. What type of progress should be expected from Rodgers in his second full season as a starter?

Read their takes and then enter the discussion below.

Baldinger: Rodgers has top talent

I like Aaron Rodgers. He was a very, very solid quarterback last year and had an excellent touchdown to interception ratio, throwing 28 touchdowns and 13 interceptions.

This was on a team where he got injured early during the season and battled through the injury and didn't miss time, starting all 16 games. First, Ryan Grant was a holdout and got off to a terrible start. Then the defense fell apart

Despite all of that, Rodgers still went out and had a great season.

If the Packers' defense steps up, and the running game is still there, I think Rodgers has a strong season. He has all of the ability to do whatever he wants to do, and be a top five quarterback in this league. Rodgers has that type of talent.


Dukes: More than stats

Rodgers had a good year statistically in his first year as a starter. But being a starting QB in the NFL is more than statistics.

In the games that the Packers lost last season, Rodgers was a non-factor. That's the problem that I see in Green Bay. The thing you know about Tom Brady and Peyton Manning and other great QBs is that they always do their part. They may not always win the game, but they're always going to do their part. They're going to make a difference.

I just didn't see that out of Rodgers. When things were going bad for the Packers, particularly when they were down -- because their defense hurt them -- they all of a sudden couldn't run the plays that they needed to run behind Rodgers.

I'm not going to call Rodgers a front-runner, but it seems like he plays better when the Packers are out front. He's not a guy who can will a team to a win. I haven't seen that yet. But, again, last season was his first as a starter. That's the progression he has to make in year two.


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