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Offseason spotlight: The impact of T.O.

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Terrell Owens, who leads all receivers with 38 TDs the last three seasons, will now work with Trent Edwards.

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NFL Network analysts Jamie Dukes and Solomon Wilcots discuss Terrell Owens and the Buffalo Bills. What impact will Owens have on the Bills' offense this season?

Read their takes and then enter the discussion below.

Dukes: Protection is key

I'm not sure how the presence of T.O. will change the Bills' offense. When it comes to the Bills' offense this season, I'm most concerned about their offensive line.

The Bills didn't address their left tackle situation during the offseason after letting Jason Peters go to the Eagles. They had two first-round picks and they couldn't find a left tackle with either pick. They didn't trade up or down to get a guy they wanted early in the draft. They passed on Michael Oher with their top pick in the first round. They didn't get a lineman until taking Eric Wood at No. 28 and then Andy Levitre in the middle of the second round.

I'm just not sure they can protect the quarterback. Remember, Trent Edwards went into the tank after he got hit last season. If you can't protect the quarterback, I don't care if T.O. is there or not.

If you're the Bills this season, you're setting yourself up for failure if you can't protect Edwards -- with or without T.O.


Wilcots: T.O. helps run game

First of all, if you look at the Bills' ability to run the ball last season, they were pretty good. They ranked 14th, and the presence of T.O. now makes them a top-10 rushing team.

When you have Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson, and you have T.O., it's going to be very difficult to defend that offense with eight defenders in the box. Now the Bills have a true bona-fide receiver who will feast on one-on-one coverage. Defenses will have to back a safety up off the line of scrimmage, maybe play more Cover 2 and be congnizant of the perimeter threat of T.O. and Lee Evans.

I think T.O. helps the running game first, and then obviously he'll pull double coverages away from Evans. Evans has to be able to win the one-on-one matchups and force defenses to do something different.

T.O. changes the game. More than anything, he puts fans in the stands. He moves the needle in terms of getting the Bills more nationally televised games. The economic impact will be felt. The impact on the field will be felt.


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