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Instant Debate: Will Favre give the NFL another go?

  • By Adam Rank
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Brett Favre got that itch to play again last season. Could he return for one last run at a Super Bowl title?

Let the speculation begin! Brett Favre has been released by the New York Jets, allowing him to return to any team in the NFL. If he wants to come out of retirement, that is.

You can pretend that you are sick of hearing about it, but you can't stop talking about it. And neither can we. Our Instant Debate team of Adam Rank, Andy Nesbitt, Aron Angel, Jim Reineking and Justin Hathaway discuss Favre's future.

Adam Rank (10:28:25 AM): Brett Favre has no intention to come out of retirement. At this time. Have we seen the last of Favre playing in the NFL?

Jim Reineking (10:29:39 AM): Little did we know when this week started that four days after the conclusion of the 2009 NFL Draft, we'd be talking about Brett Favre. I'm still just shaking my head at the absurdity of it all.

Aron Angel (10:29:48 AM): First off, I'm a little bit unsure about this whole instant debate. I feel like we're fueling the fire here. I mean, the guy loves attention, so I feel like we're giving him what he wants, feeding his ego.

Adam Rank (10:30:38 AM): What ego, Aron? The guy hasn't gone public at all. He just released a statement. If he's looking for attention, he needs a new publicist.

Aron Angel (10:30:51 AM): But Brett, if you're reading this -- with all due respect to your accomplished career -- please stay at home.

Justin Hathaway (10:32:36 AM): Those three words -- at this time -- haunt me. And tells me that Favre is having second thoughts -- or are they third thoughts?

Jim Reineking (10:32:43 AM): Deanna probably has a laundry list of chores for Brett. He has a big lawn to keep trimmed. There are probably some trees that need trimming, too. He has kids to take to school. Stay on that tractor and out of the Vikings' huddle. Please!

Justin Hathaway (10:33:27 AM): But are the Vikings the only team that would be in the mix for Favre? Seems like a lot of teams needed QBs going into the draft. Who else is there?

Andy Nesbitt (10:33:29 AM): No, we haven't seen the last of Favre in the NFL. Tony Romo will get hurt in the opener, and Jerry Jones gets Bus Cook on the line. Favre is in Dallas taking snaps two days later. Favre leads the Cowboys in Week 2 for the opening of the new Texas Stadium. But Favre's winless streak in Dallas continues all season, and Big D is left wishing for the days when all it had to deal with was a receiver with ridiculous abs and the gift of gab.

Justin Hathaway (10:34:02 AM): Wow. That's quite a story. And entirely possible. Even with the capable Jon Kitna as a backup in Dallas.

Andy Nesbitt (10:34:59 AM): Call it a hunch.

Adam Rank (10:35:15 AM): I agree. We probably have seen the end of Favre going to training camp with a team, but when something like Tom Brady's injury happens, the NFL will send out the Favre signal.

Jim Reineking (10:35:32 AM): The Vikings' current lot of quarterbacks -- Tarvaris Jackson, Sage Rosenfels and John David Booty -- makes football fans laugh out loud. They were in the mix last year, so they are an easy target this year.

Justin Hathaway (10:35:42 AM): The Favre signal, eh? Is it a beacon of light that resembles a right arm hanging by a tendon?

Adam Rank (10:35:54 AM): Too soon.

Justin Hathaway (10:36:46 AM): How would Vikings fan react to Favre, though? He was public enemy No. 1 for so long, and at 39 years old, he's only a short-term solution. Don't the Vikings need long-term answers at QB?

Adam Rank (10:37:56 AM): Dallas fans embraced T.O. and even thought he previously treated the Cowboys' star the way that Ronald Miller treated Kenny's house on that fateful Halloween night in Can't Buy Me Love.

Justin Hathaway (10:38:47 AM): Ah, Can't Buy Me Love. Quite the vehicle for Gerardo's acting chops. You could see a star being born.

Jim Reineking (10:39:07 AM): Wow! A Can't Buy Me Love reference. Totally random, but the last scene had Ronald Miller and Cindy Mancini riding off together on a tractor.

Andy Nesbitt (10:40:00 AM): I don't know. After last year, Brett Favre went from totally chic to totally geek. But does he know about the African anteater ritual?

Justin Hathaway (10:40:11 AM): Back on topic: What about Favre to the 49ers? They can't be going with Shaun Hill, can they?

Adam Rank (10:42:20 AM): What if a team like the 49ers is in the hunt for the playoffs and lose its quarterbacks? Do you go with Favre or roll the dice with Nate Davis?

Jim Reineking (10:42:47 AM): I can't wait to see Favre working out with the local high school football team and running stairs with his wife again this summer. It will make for good sports-talk TV in early July.

Justin Hathaway (10:42:52 AM): But, seriously, wouldn't Favre and Mike Singletary be awesome together? Those personalities together would make for good copy in San Francisco.

Andy Nesbitt (10:43:12 AM): I could see Favre joining the Today show and doing wacky segments during the third hour of the show. He could do the birthday wishes and throw passes to kids on their birthday. Sorry, I'm refusing to take this seriously.

Justin Hathaway (10:44:12 AM): Yes, and one of those passes will be intercepted by Wilma, a Wichita Falls, Texas woman who's celebrating her 105th birthday.

Jim Reineking (10:44:33 AM): Tough to imagine Favre in San Francisco. Singletary's no-nonsense approach and Favre's gun-slinging tendencies just don't seem to match.

Justin Hathaway (10:44:38 AM): Gerardo and Willard Scott references aside, I'll ask it again: Is Minnesota the only place Favre can go, if he comes out of retirement?

Andy Nesbitt (10:44:53 AM): Yes, I have to believe the Vikings would be the one team desperate enough to sign the old fella. The Vikings are so desperate, they'd probably take his receiver from the Wrangler jeans commercial, too.

Jim Reineking (10:45:00 AM): Any team considering Favre at all, even in the slightest, should watch film of him late last season. I'm sorry to say this, but I think he has spent his football life force.

Adam Rank (10:46:03 AM): But that's where it makes sense for him to come riding in during Week 10 and start flinging footballs. He could trick his body into thinking it's the regular season when it's actually the playoffs.

Justin Hathaway (10:46:48 AM): QBs take a beating in the NFL, and someone at some point will need a QB desperately enough to call Favre. But him missing minicamp is getting old. If I'm running a team, I question his commitment and motives.

Jim Reineking (10:47:39 AM): I'm just going to hope that some mosquito doesn't bite Favre and he gets "that itch" again. Stay on that tractor, Brett!

Aron Angel (10:48:14 AM): I agree with Justin, and his former Jets teammates said the same thing. Essentially, if you want to come back, then you're all in or all out. I think they secretly didn't want him back and said that so he would just stay at home.

Adam Rank (10:48:19 AM): Make your call now. Does Favre stay retired or no?

Justin Hathaway (10:48:45 AM): Favre needs to stay retired. He needed to stay retired last year, but he didn't, and hopefully, he learned his lesson. But again, "at this time' tells me he's going to try to come back. But nobody will want him back.

Andy Nesbitt (10:49:11 AM): Favre is done. There's no way he's coming back.

Aron Angel (10:49:32 AM): When your last pass in Green Bay is a crippling interception in the NFC Championship Game and your next-to-last pass in New York is an INT to keep you out of the playoffs, the football gods are telling you to retire. But in an effort to use reverse psychology, I say ... yes?

Jim Reineking (10:50:23 AM): I think the Vikings should be content with the QBs they currently have on their roster. And I don't think the whole "go to an injury-riddled team in Week 10" thing works. Are you going to be Vinny Testaverde, Brett? I think Favre stays on that tractor.

Adam Rank (11:07:12 AM): Favre will be the quarterback for your Washington Redskins by Week 11. Hail to the Redskins! Hail I-N-T! Just kidding, big guy. I want him to play.


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