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Super Debate: Is Fitzgerald the best receiver in the NFL?

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Let the debate begin ...

Jamie Dukes' take:
I think that Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Johnson are the two best young receivers in the game. I'm torn. I believe that Fitzgerald and Johnson are interchangeable. Johnson is just as skilled of a receiver as Fitzgerald. He is just as unstoppable. He's a wrecking crew out on the field.

Fitzgerald's team is a lot better. He has a Pro Bowl receiver on the opposite side. He has an all-planet quarterback throwing him the ball. And he's in the playoffs right now, so everybody is watching what he's doing. But we can't get too "fast food" about it -- don't make a snap decision about it just because it's the playoffs. We need to slow down.

His size is what really sets him apart. He has that great size like a lot of the other top receivers -- Terrell Owens, Randy Moss and Plaxico Burress. These guys are freaks. They all have that size to make mismatches with defensive backs. Fitzgerald is also good at attacking the football -- fighting off the other guys to make the play.

So for me, it's Fitzgerald and Johnson as the two top young receivers in the game right now.

Rodney Harrison's take:
It's easy to say Fitzgerald is right now. Nobody was talking about this subject before the playoffs. Let me be clear: I think Fitzgerald is a very good receiver and certainly one of the best. But I think that Randy Moss is the best receiver. You can't stick to Moss one-on-one.

I do remember playing against Fitzgerald during his rookie season. I was impressed that, for a big man, he was very athletic, very quick. And he ran really good routes. He's really good at catching the ball at its highest point. He has all of the small little habits that make a receiver really good.

Fitzgerald has been really good this postseason, having the best postseason of anybody in NFL history. But right now, I think that guys like Moss, Andre Johnson and even Chad Johnson are among the best. That's not to say that Fitzgerald isn't in their class, because he is. I want to see him do it consistently along with guys like Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne.

If he does this next year, then yes, I think he could be the best.

The Road to Success
Player Position Teams Accomplishments
Larry Fitzgerald WR University of Pittsburgh (college), Arizona Cardinals 2003 Fred Biletnikoff Award (top college receiver); 2003 Walter Camp Award (player of the year); three-time Pro Bowl selection (2005, 2007, 2008); First Team All-Pro selection (2008).


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