NFL lowers playoff ticket prices in response to economic conditions

  • By Adam Schefter NFL Network
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Knowing the tough economic times the country is in, the NFL is doing its fans a favor.

The average ticket price for NFL playoff games this year will be approximately 10 percent lower than last year, the NFL confirmed today, citing the economic challenges facing fans as the reason for the reduction.

The specific league-wide average playoff ticket price cannot be determined until the home playoff sites are decided in the weeks leading up to Super Bowl XLIII.

Commissioner Roger Goodell recently sent ticket pricing guidelines to all playoff contending clubs, which then set their own individual prices.

As part of those guidelines, the NFL also authorized for the first time a lower price for the wild-card games than for divisional playoff games the following weekend. Those two rounds traditionally have been priced the same.

"We want to be responsive to the economic challenges facing our fans," an NFL spokesman said.

Clubs will announce their specific playoff ticket prices and distribution plans in the near future. Prices differ from market to market depending on the price of their tickets for the season.

Average price of playoff tickets last year (wild card, divisional, conference championships) was $121.



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