Tom Blair

Tom Blair


AFC North AFC East AFC South AFC West NFC East NFC South NFC North NFC West By the end of this month, training camps will open across the NFL. Where are the looming position battles to keep tabs on? Who are the critical pla... more

In a few weeks, we'll forget all about the 2018 NFL season and think only about 2019. This makes sense. With only 16 chances for teams to meaningfully impact their fate, it would be silly to entertain thoughts about anything but the immediate prese... more


On Jan. 14, when Kyler Murray declared that he was interested in playing in the NFL , these seemed like reasonable questions to ask: Will he be tall enough, at 5-foot-10, for teams to think he can play quarterback at the pro level? Where will he b... more


AFC: North East West South Ranks NFC: North East West South Ranks Our Roster Reset series takes a division-by-division look at where things stand across the league heading into the 2019 NFL Draft. Tom Blair examines t... more


AFC North AFC East NFC East NFC North AFC West NFC West AFC South NFC South With the dawn of a new NFL season almost upon us, we're going division by division to highlight the players and storylines to watch in 2018. Tom Bl... more

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