Maurice Jones-Drew

Maurice Jones-Drew

Former All-Pro running back Maurice Jones-Drew joined NFL Media in August 2015. Jones-Drew serves as an analyst on NFL Now, the League's next-generation video service, as well as NFL Network shows such as NFL Fantasy Live, The Top 100 Players and Madden NFL Live.

Jones-Drew retired in March 2015 after nine seasons in the NFL in which he amassed 8,167 rushing yards and 81 total touchdowns in his career. A three-time Pro Bowl selection, Jones-Drew spent eight seasons with the Jacksonville Jaguars and holds the franchise record for single-season rushing yards (1,606 in 2011) and total touchdowns. Jones-Drew spent the 2014 season with the Oakland Raiders.

Born in Oakland, California, Jones-Drew played running back at powerhouse De La Salle High School in Concord before enrolling at UCLA. After a three-year career at UCLA, Jones-Drew entered the 2006 NFL Draft and was selected in the second round.

NFC North AFC South NFC South AFC North Now that the offseason is in full swing, front offices of all 32 NFL teams have begun to assess priorities for the coming months. What areas should each team address? This sounds like a job for... more

AFC North AFC South NFC South NFC North Now that the offseason is in full swing, front offices of all 32 NFL teams have begun to assess priorities for the coming months. What areas should each team address? This sounds like a job for... more

NFC South AFC South AFC North NFC North Now that the offseason is in full swing, front offices of all 32 NFL teams have begun to assess priorities for the coming months. What areas should each team address? This sounds like a job for... more

AFC South NFC South AFC North NFC North Now that the offseason is in full swing, front offices of all 32 NFL teams have begun to assess priorities for the coming months. What areas should each team address? This sounds like a job for... more

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