James Koh

James Koh

James D. Koh is an anchor and reporter for NFL Network. He is also a guest columnist for the NFL fantasy football editorial staff.


Sleepers Players to Avoid Breakouts Deep Sleepers Bargains I guarantee you if Warren Buffett has a solid BOGO coupon on all-leather loafers, that man is cashing in that discount. Why? Because you like a good deal, I like a good d... more


Michael Fabiano Adam Rank Alex Gelhar Marcas Grant James Koh Offseason??? There is no stinking offseason. There are lulls in the action sure, but it never really goes away and this is doubly true if you're a fantasy head (Exhibit... more


When I heard last week that Ndamukong Suh was signing with the Los Angeles Rams , I got excited, pumped or whatever other synonym you could come up with for stoked . Not because I'm a Rams fan or a Suh fan, but because the thought of Suh teaming up... more


If we're talking potential Super Bowl LII MVPs, all you sheeple can have Tom Brady. Because if you know me, you know I don't mind going full Danger Zone every now and again, diving deep and going completely off menu. I'm here to tell you that not... more


Youth and explosiveness. This is a terrific combination to have in an NFL running back. And it's certainly something fantasy football enthusiasts look for when targeting high-upside sleepers. But, since it's Week 16, let's talk about guys that have... more

Offensive lines. They are important. You know this, I know this, we all know this. But I mean let's be real, grading offensive lines is pretty tough. It's one of those things where most of us only know when we're seeing bad o-line play. Think of Adri... more

The final stat line was nothing to write home about but Jimmy Garoppolo gave San Francisco 49ers fans something they haven't had in awhile: hope. Well, that, and a win, which was nice too. And, for fantasy purposes, Jimmy G's presence makes the o... more


So not going to lie, I kinda, sorta click-baited you here. Don't get me wrong, I will get to five receivers that are low-key potential game breakers. But to do that I need to explain a stat that high-brow fantasy types are cool with but most manage... more

For any kind of analyst, fantasy football or otherwise, it's obviously easy to sit there and tell you who is good after the fact. The trick is trying to project who will be good two, three or even six weeks from now. And I get it, it's scary. Real... more

Given his size, speed and versatile game, Austin Ekeler certainly reminds you of Danny Woodhead jittering around in that Chargers jersey. And in Week 10, Ekeler exploded, putting on a Woodhead-in-his-prime-type performance: 42 yards rushing, 77 yar... more

In the words of Rodney Dangerfield, some running backs "don't get no respect." Because being a "good" or "bad" player in the mind of the public can be awfully fickle, with Todd Gurley being the poster boy of said fickleness. In 2015 he was setti... more


Death, taxes and the Saints slinging it around the yard. These were things you could put check marks next to come fantasy draft season. Drew Brees was going to toss it 600 or more times and you wanted a piece of this passing volume and touchdown up... more

Listen, I know you don't want it to be true but as a friend, sometimes we have to tell hard truths. And the truth of the matter is, Christian McCaffrey hasn't been very good in fantasy. "But he seems like such a nice guy!" "But what about those... more

In the words of Mark Twain, the rumors of Adrian Peterson's demise were greatly exaggerated. After tearing his meniscus and playing just three games in 2016, Peterson made the horrendous curious decision to sign with the Saints. A decision that wa... more

"You should start your piece by saying, 'I swear this is not about offensive lines.'" - Alex C. Wilk , NFL Fantasy Live producer Even going back to Emmitt Smith's heyday, the debate over how much credit should be given to Smith's talent versus his... more

I'll be honest, I too wrote off Duke Johnson as a viable fantasy starter. The storylines all offseason centered around Cleveland's revamped offensive line and how Hue Jackson was about to unleash Isaiah Crowell. After running for a robust 4.8 yar... more


"What's up with Zeke?" It's a question I've found myself asking a lot when I sit down and watch Ezekiel Elliott play in the early part of the season. Through three games now, Elliott's efficiency is way down compared to last year and at first gla... more

On the most recent NFL Fantasy Live Podcast I made the comment that "Chris Carson finally broke through," which got a hearty chortle from Alex Gelhar who pointed out that we're only in Week 2! That got me to legit LOL because it was a dose of realit... more

It's the maiden voyage of "Koh Knows," which is basically a weekly Next Gen Stats column dressed up with a few jokes to go along with some Daily Daps (fans of the podcast , what's up). I'll dig into the numbers a bit harder and give you my takeaway... more


So it's fantasy draft season. Some people are setting up their fancy 14-team, points-per-completion leagues meanwhile you're just sitting there in your skivvies thinking, "Oh man, that Xbox is calling my name right now ... " You play fantasy casual... more

In fantasy football, playing in a "standard" league is like a guy buying khakis from the Gap. It's like the girl who has the picture board with those three square frames and the word "LOVE" emblazoned in cursive on it. It's basic. PPR, 2QB, FAAB,... more


The third week of the preseason is in the books and a lot has changed from our initial running back depth chart projections. Real-life action, and of course injuries have changed the landscape considerably. James Koh (follow him on Twitter ) gives yo... more


I need me some Black Unicorn in my life. When Martellus Bennett was signed by Green Bay I knew instantly he'd be the tight end I'd be targeting in 100 percent of my drafts. I figured I'd be more bullish on him than just about any other analyst ou... more


Sleepers Breakouts Players to avoid Bargains Deep sleepers The NFL draft is in the books, most of the fantasy-relevant vets have found new homes and we're knee deep in "best shape of his life" and "quickly picking up the... more

We need to fix quarterback scoring y'all. Even those of you who hate change, and those of you who just want to stay in blissful ignorance and play in "standard" leagues because that is how you, your father, and your father's father have always play... more

Michael Fabiano James Koh Marcas Grant Alex Gelhar Adam Rank In honor of NFL Network's "Top 100 Players of 2017" series (airing Mondays at 9 p.m. ET), the NFL Fantasy team is releasing their preliminary top 100 or 200 fantasy... more


You like football. I mean, not to the point where you're going to burn a jersey if a player leaves in free agency. But whatever, you like football. You manage have a fantasy football team, for goodness' sake! And more importantly, you and your buddi... more


Let's be real for a second. The tight end position this year has been an abject disaster. If it hasn't been injuries, it's been inconsistency. For goodness sakes, Coby Fleener is a top-10 tight end in season-long standings. COBY. FLEENER. I mean, w... more

Here's the good thing: you're in your fantasy playoffs and likely in your league's final four. Bad news: if you're like me, you have no idea who the hell to play at quarterback. This is a week where brand-name signal callers have huge red flags and... more

If you have Doug Martin and are in the fantasy playoffs, here's the good news: Tampa Bay is going up against the Saints in a game that is anticipated to be a high-scoring affair. Here's the bad news: pretty much everything else. Martin has slogge... more

If you're a Sammy Watkins manager pushing for the playoffs, you've probably moved the star wideout in and out of your lineup about 97 times. You've probably got him in there right now as a matter of fact and told yourself for the 49th time, "I'm done... more


Times are tough in the 'Nati. The Bengals own the fourth-worst record in the AFC at 3-6-1 and just lost A.J. Green (hamstring) and Giovani Bernard (ACL tear). Green will reportedly only be out a couple weeks, but with the team going no where don't... more

One way or another you're going to stay woke. Christine Michael, whom the Fantasy Stronghold glossed C-Woke after Seattle coaches said Michael had an "awakening" this offseason, was shockingly cut by the Seahawks this past week. But just as soon as... more

IT'S A RUNNING BACK REVIVAL!!!!!!!! ... I mean not for the season obviously, but at least for Week 10 A number of good backs could see their return just as fantasy managers need them to push towards the fake playoffs. Carlos Hyde, Doug Martin, Dion... more

More likely than not your waiver wire looks like hell on earth and your "starting" roster probably does too. Approximately 19 teams are on a bye and I think there are 387 running backs injured. You need redemption. It can be found in Green Bay. But... more


It's a hard time being a Cal guy right now. Spoiler alert, but the Golden Bears just got trampled by USC on Thursday night and Blue and Gold fantasy stalwarts in the NFL are largely having a rough go of it this season. Keenan Allen played all of on... more

Jordy Nelson is done as a top-tier fantasy wide receiver, folks. I'm not saying he's going to be bad, but his days as an elite, game-changing pass catcher are pretty much behind him. And let's be real here, after Thursday night's one-catch, nine-ya... more

Let me tell you, while I am straight jacked for this Dallas at Green Bay game from a real-life perspective, I am dreading it from a fantasy point of view. Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson, and Eddie Lacy are the lynchpins to a lot of fantasy teams this... more

If you swooped up DeAndre Washington off waivers this week, as they say in the Yay, get hyphy. Latavius Murray (turf toe) has been ruled out of Sunday's contest versus the Chargers in what is anticipated to be a high-scoring affair. The diminutive bu... more


Soooo about my Terrelle Pryor take last week ... my bad. I wrote, "I want no part of Terrelle Pryor playing with a third-string rookie quarterback. Pryor is a great athlete but also rocks an ugly 35 percent catch rate this year (30 percent for his... more

I fear for Marvin Jones. Donte Moncrief and Corey Coleman were two of the fantasy community's favorite breakout wide receivers this year, both are done for a month or more. Moncrief with a broken shoulder blade, Coleman with a broken hand. Jones,... more

So yeah.... about that 2016 running back revival.... The position group from a fantasy point of view suffered a Red Wedding-style brutalizing on Sunday. Adrian Peterson, Danny Woodhead, Doug Martin, Arian Foster, Jonathan Stewart, Ameer Abdullah.... more

There is so much going on in the Pacific Northwest and I'm not sure any of it matters from a fantasy perspective. Russell Wilson was hobbling around pretty badly in the second-half of the Seahawks game against the Dolphins with a bad ankle in Week... more

Sports can be cruel sometimes. Just ask Keenan Allen. Dude missed the last half of last year with a freak injury to his kidney, worked himself back and was putting in work against the Kansas City secondary. You could see his confidence building a... more

I'm not sure there's ever been a tight end handcuff in fantasy but that's what we got brewing right now in Foxborough. Rob Gronkowski is looking more and more like a long shot to play, meaning Martellus Bennett could see a massive uptick in opporunit... more

Fire up the Spencer Ware hype machine. Multiple outlets are now reporting Jamaal Charles may not be fully ready for the season opener. ESPN's Chiefs beat reporter Adam Teicher has been saying for more than a week now that Charles will be seeing limit... more


You're lazy. I get it, you want to play fantasy football but don't want to put the work in. You also don't want to come in last because, well ... coming in last sucks. You don't want to scour the waiver wire or read about practice reports or list... more

Mark it down, Matthew Stafford is going to ball in 2016. Yeah, yeah, I get it Stafford lost Calvin Johnson and has been a fairly mediocre fantasy quarterback his entire career outside of his one pop year in 2011 when the Lions signal caller amassed... more

The rise of the 'underwhelmers.' Possible movie title for the next Adam Sandler box office bomb or a theme in the first week of the NFL preseason? After a history of bleh performances through their young careers, Christine Michael and Terrance West... more

Ladarius Green is big, strong and fast. He's a freak athlete, there's no doubt. He just had a future Hall of Famer in his way in Antonio Gates. When Pittsburgh signed him to a four-year, $20 million contract, the fantasy community was giddy with... more

Sometimes trains get derailed. It happens. And that's where we're at with Dorial Green-Beckham and his preseason hype train. A lot of you don't want to believe it and I get that. "Look at his size and speed!" "He's the best receiver the Titans... more


Training camps just got underway so you know what that means: lots of awkward shots of dudes in polo shirts and shorts. Well that and the official start of our nation's unhealthy obsession with football numbers, also known as fantasy football. And... more


Fabiano Gelhar Grant Koh Draft your guy, draft upside, and find value when you can. Those are the three core philosophies I carry into fantasy drafts with me every year. When I say draft "your guy" I just mean that wherever I am... more

Sleepers Deep Sleepers Breakouts Bargains Busts "Haterade," as defined by Urban Dictionary, is a "fictional beverage ... purportedly consumed by individuals who are jealous of others, supposedly fueling their ability to be jealo... more


With the NFL draft in the rearview mirror, it's time to turn our attention to next season. And one of summer's best shows has returned, as the "Top 100 Players of 2016" series is back on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on NFL Network. So set your DVR f... more


The offseason is in full swing and anyone with a keyboard and an inkling of interest in the NFL has seemingly put guys like Matt Forte and Doug Martin on about 40 of the league's 32 teams. I mean seriously, Matt Forte landing spot speculations are... more


There's a good chunk of you who have no idea who Josh Norman is. The numbers show that this relatively unknown commodity truly is an elite corner. We can argue semantics as to whether he's a top-5 guy or not but from a fantasy perspective there is... more


Sleepers Deep Sleepers Breakouts Busts Bargains Who doesn't like a good deal right? People don't like paying full price for anything, even if that "thing" is pretty awesome. Case and point, earlier this summer I ponied up and b... more

The NFL Draft has come and gone and a lot of teams did well, a few did ... not so well. A lot of you are super-duper excited that your team drafted that offensive guard from that one school in that one conference and BOY! did you get a steal getting... more


As you guys may or may not know, in addition to my work as a studio host for NFL Fantasy LIVE I bang out a column every week. And as part of that column I always ask Twitter to hit me with questions I can tackle for my mailbag. Normally it's of th... more


THREE WEEKS! That's all that remains until the fantasy playoffs. Shockingly close isn't it? For the blessed few of you at 8-2 or better, you're all but in. Good for you. You're a better person than everyone else. Whatever. Get out of here, no one l... more

Another week and another cast of characters are being dragged into the dark corners of the fantasy universe. And quite honestly, I'm starting to feel like the bizarro-world "The Price is Right" announcer. Cam Newton, come on down! Brandon Marshall,... more


Injuries have derailed a great number of fantasy stars, so we know plenty about the Calvin Johnson's of the world in this dark and anxious corner of the fantasy universe. It should come as no surprise then that Vernon Davis and Doug Martin find... more

What do Goku, Alfred Morris, Mr. T, Zac Stacy and Jodie Foster have in common? Well for starters they're all in today's column. And if you're an owner of Matty Ice or Seattle's defense, I know you've been feeling a little panicky, right? But are th... more

What's more surprising: that Kristen Stewart is the androgynous kid in the movie "Panic Room" or that Eddie Lacy is back as a featured player in the column Panic Room? Two weeks ago, Lacy's panic level hit it's absolute apex but who will get the... more

Nothing says fantasy like spending 17 hours pouring over YouTube clips of a 2011 game between Southern Miss and the University of Houston all so you can figure out if Austin Davis is worth a long-term add as a QB2. But that's what's going down this... more

Four weeks in and a ton of you are pounding my Twitter timeline with questions about struggling stars. Will LeSean McCoy recover from two miserable weeks? Should I move Demaryius Thomas for Lorenzo Taliaferro? How about Eddie Lacy? Keenan Allen?... more


Three weeks are in the books, meaning after Sunday a quarter of the regular season will be gone and behind us (goes by quickly doesn't it?!). Some of you are perfect through three and riding high on life! Your food tastes better, your significant o... more

Bench Tom Brady. That probably goes without saying after he's bombed badly on the field the past two weeks, but still, it's a tough pill to swallow given that he was the fifth or sixth quarterback off the board with an ADP in the early 50s.... more

No doubt two of the hottest names on the waiver wire Tuesday will be Allen Hurns and Isaiah Crowell. Both are undrafted rookies so unsurprisingly both are unknown commodities, but make no mistake, neither Hurns or Crowell are your typical undrafted... more

The madness that is fantasy football is upon us. Embrace it, love it, let it wash over you. But as the offseason comes to a close, what fun would it be if I didn't immortalize my idiocy in a column making bold predictions that can live forever on the... more


Quarterbacks Running Backs Wide Receivers Tight Ends The tight end game in fantasy is tough to project, seeing wild variance from year to year. A top 3 security blanket last year could be your 13th best tight end this year. It... more


I'd like to thank my fantasy competitors in advance for allowing me to draft Doug Martin this year. Or maybe more specifically I should thank Tampa Bay's new offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford. Because when the former Cal coach told media that he... more


Whether you're going RB-RB at the top of your draft, or you're going to be like Michael Fabiano and draft quarterbacks super late, or even if you believe in the zero-RB strategy similar to the one laid out by Alex Gelhar, there are seemingly an endl... more

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