Jim Reineking

Jim Reineking


One reliable preview. One key factor to decide the game. It's that simple. Air & Ground matchup of Week 3 Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions (Sunday, 1 p.m. ET, FOX) -- One of the NFL's longest-running rivalries renews when the Lions host the... more

Super Bowl rematches September 18, 2014

On Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks host the Denver Broncos in a rematch of the Seahawks' 43-8 dump trucking of the Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII.

This marks just the sixth time in NFL history that the previous season's Super Bowl combatants met for a rematch in the following season. In those games, the Super Bowl winners are 3-2, but are 0-2 when the rematch takes place before Week 9. Here is a look at those Super Bowl rematches.... more

This is the backstory to one of the great moments of Week 2 , the Cleveland Browns' dramatic last-second win over the New Orleans Saints. The Browns' epic victory , as well as the Green Bay Packers' come-from-behind win over the New York Jets and the... more

Rainier Ehrhardt / Associated Press South Carolina's win over Georgia shook up the SEC East race and impacted this week's AP Top 25. The fab five of Florida State, Oregon, Alabama, Oklahoma and Auburn continue to be the pack leaders in the... more

One reliable preview. One key factor to decide the game. It's that simple. Air & Ground matchup of Week 2 Chicago Bears at San Francisco 49ers (Sunday, 8:30 p.m. ET, NBC) -- The 49ers welcome the Bears for a primetime showdown that will also... more

Thursday marks the 13th anniversary of the horrific events of Sept. 11, 2001. To honor the anniversary, a number of college football teams are releasing patriotic alternate uniforms this weekend. Some programs are going with an American flag-themed... more

This is the backstory to one of the great moments of Week 1 , the Pittsburgh Steelers' response to a frantic second-half rally by the Cleveland Browns. The Steelers' dramatic win , as well as the Philadelphia Eagles' come-from-behind win over the... more

Andrew Weber / USA Today Sports Virginia Tech's stunning win in Columbus had a major ripple effect on the latest AP poll. Florida State remains the top team in the latest AP Top 25 poll, but Oregon -- thanks to its impressive non-conference... more

Michael Conroy / Associated Press The last time Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning met the two helped combine to put up 72 points. One reliable preview. One key factor to decide the game. It's that simple. After seven long months without... more

The NFL's World Cup team June 06, 2014

The world's biggest sporting event kicked off on Thursday when the World Cup host country of Brazil beat Croatia to begin the road toward determining a true world champion.

In some strange alternate universe (or, if only in the mind of an editor), the NFL has a World Cup team. What you will see below is a starting 11 of the game's greatest players placed in soccer football positions where they could conceivably succeed. Just like with the U.S. Men's National Team and its surprising cut of Landon Donovan, there were some difficult decisions to make with this team, too.... more


It's all well and good for a prospect selected at the top of the draft to turn into an NFL star -- that's expected. It's quite another for a player overlooked in the draft to develop into one of the game's finest performers. Here are the top draft steals among players currently in the NFL.... more

Once upon a time, the NFL draft was barely a blip on the radar of football fans, and the scouting procedures of league teams for potential players wasn't sophisticated, either. Before the NFL draft became the overanalyzed behemoth it is today, top talent often wasn't selected until late in the annual National Football League Player Selection Meeting (the event's original, and much less marketable, moniker). Much of this list is a reflection of the draft's unpretentious roots, when some of the game's all-time greatest players fell to draft depths that would be unthinkable today.... more


It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it can have a ripple effect that impacts the course of NFL history. We're talking about trades, and specifically trades of all-star caliber, veteran players (so, draft pick-for-draft pick swaps don't make the cut).... more


Of the 77 different players who have won the Heisman Trophy, there are more players who never played one NFL game (14) and more players who went undrafted (15) than players who went on to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame (8). That mixed bag of results among Heisman winners in the NFL means there are plenty of players who simply did not pan out as a pro. Here is a look at the biggest disappointments among Heisman winners in the NFL going back 25 years, starting with Tim Tebow.... more


When the Cleveland Browns selected Barkevious Mingo with the No. 6 overall selection in the 2013 NFL Draft, he not only went to the most appropriate team possible (Barkevious + Dawg Pound = get it?) but also added to the fun on the long list of great player names the NFL has featured over the years. Mingo's recent inclusion into the NFL vernacular helped inspire this all-time all-name team.... more

Brian Urlacher announced his retirement after 13 seasons with the Chicago Bears. Urlacher continued the long and proud lineage of Bears linebackers at a level that likely will land him in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. This is a look at who he could one day join in Canton.... more

Super Bowl memories January 21, 2013

Super Sunday is the greatest American sports day. Here are some of the biggest moments from the storied history of the Super Bowl.... more

From The Fumble and The Drive to the Ice Bowl, the conference championships have produced some of the greatest games ever played. Take a look at some classic images from Championship Sunday, one of the most exciting sports days of the year.... more

Divisional playoff memories January 07, 2013

From the Tuck Rule game to the Immaculate Reception, the divisional playoff round has produced some epic moments in NFL history. Take a look at some classic images from this round of the NFL playoffs.... more

Wild Card Weekend memories January 02, 2013

From the greatest comeback to the "Music City Miracle," the wild-card round has produced some of the seminal moments in NFL history. Take a look at some classic images from the opening round of the NFL playoffs.... more

Top 10 NFL controversial plays September 26, 2012

The replacement official apocalypse from the Seattle Seahawks' improbable ?Monday Night Football? win over the Green Bay Packers ... a decision so wrong that the whole scene at CenturyLink Field became surreal. Massive controversy predictably followed, and we're left debating where the Seahawks' Hail Mary pass ranks among the most controversial plays in league history. Just a word of warning, as was the case with the Seahawks-Packers Hail Mary play, things can get very convoluted. So pay close attention.... more


A big summer of soccer kicked off with the UEFA Champions League finale between Bayern Munich and Chelsea FC and will continue in June with the European championships in Poland and Ukraine.

The UEFA Champions League final is basically the Super Bowl of soccer. So, let's morph world football with American football. What if we took NFL players and built a soccer team? What would that starting 11 look like?

This team -- we'll call it NFL United -- comprises the league's finest players and puts them in positions where they could conceivably succeed. This is just one man's team, so feel free to discuss your starting 11 in the comments section.... more

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