Heath Evans

Heath Evans

Drafted in the third round of the 2001 draft by the Seattle Seahawks, Heath Evans played fullback for four different teams in 10 seasons -- Seattle (2001-04), Miami (2005), New England (2005-08) and New Orleans (2009-10). He was a member of the Saints' Super Bowl XLIV team and currently is an analyst for NFL Media.

Now that the Philadelphia Eagles have reeled in perhaps the biggest fish on the coaching market , I am going on the record calling Chip Kelly one of the worst hires in pro football history. Yes, worse than Steve Spurrier, the old ball coach who... more


Is Tim Tebow the long-term answer for the New York Jets? Not a chance. But can he salvage the Jets' 2012 season? Absolutely. In fact, the Jets might be able to win 10 games if they turn things over to Tebow right now, but they have no chance at win... more

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