Aditi Kinkhabwala

Aditi Kinkhabwala


Aditi Kinkhabwala is a Pittsburgh-based reporter for NFL Media which she joined in 2012 after two years at the Wall Street Journal. At The Journal, Kinkhabwala was a New York Giants beat writer and NFL writer (and went zip-lining over Indianapolis with Roger Goodell). Prior to that, she covered Rutgers football and men's and women's basketball for The Record in New Jersey. She started her career at the San Antonio Express-News and also wrote a column for


Who: T.J. Carrie | CB, Cleveland Browns | 28 years old What: The T.J. Carrie Foundation, dedicated to helping children achieve greatness. Why: After having open heart surgery at the age of 15 and being told he would not be able to play competi... more


Who: Lorenzo Alexander | LB, Buffalo Bills | 35 years old What: ACES Foundation, which supports youth by emphasizing A ccountability, taking pride in one's C ommunity, striving for E ducational excellence and promoting a healthy mind, body and sp... more

Who: Brandon Carr | CB, Baltimore Ravens | 32 years old What: The Carr Cares Foundation, which provides tools, resources and inspiration to increase child literacy. Why: Carr's mother and aunts were teachers, and when he asked his then-5-year-... more

Who: Chris Harris Jr. | CB, Denver Broncos | 29 years old What: The Chris Harris Jr. Foundation, dedicated to helping underprivileged kids in myriad ways. Why: Raised without much money and never of great size, Harris has always fancied himsel... more


PITTSBURGH -- Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert won't be playing coy this negotiating season. At least, not with Le'Veon Bell. "We know Le'Veon has been a great player for us. We think he can still be a great player from this point forward, an... more


PITTSBURGH -- As we head into Championship Sunday, we think we have a fair understanding of the players we are watching. But do we really? A little more than half of the Pittsburgh Steelers' locker room was polled this week, to get a better sense o... more


PITTSBURGH -- The game was over, the New York Jets were staring at an ugly 1-4 hole and receiver Brandon Marshall stayed on the field, surveying the mass of bumblebee-striped uniforms. Finally finding the one topped by the pink-tipped braids, he brok... more


LATROBE, Pa. -- Ryan Shazier blew by one receiver. Then another. Antonio Brown fell off partway through, and when Shazier -- the 6-foot-1, 230-pound linebacker -- was done officially out-racing the Pittsburgh Steelers' receiving corps, one of his... more

LATROBE, Penn. -- The Pittsburgh Steelers made just one splashy -- and much-needed -- free agent signing this past offseason, tight end Ladarius Green. They have yet to see him in their offense, though, and a member of the organization, informed of t... more


PITTSBURGH -- The printing is neat. Block letters, evenly spaced, written with a mechanical pencil so nothing is missed while sharpening a yellow No. 2. Antonio Brown's penmanship fills six of these spiral notebooks, one for every year he's been in... more


Despite starting just four games, DeAngeloWilliams currently ranks 15th in rushing. (Don Wright/AP) PITTSBURGH -- DeAngelo Williams walks by the letter every day. It has Carolina Panthers letterhead, it formally informs him of his release... more

Andy Dalton sat at his temporary stall in the Pittsburgh visitors' locker room, slumped, hands on his knees. A.J. Green looked just as spent, and fellow receiver Marvin Jones, well, he was staring straight off into space. This is what 7-0 looks lik... more


PITTSBURGH -- The standard is the standard. The words are all over here. Inside the Heinz Field locker room, on the pages of newspaper stories, out of the mouths of players. A quick Google search only brings up references to Mike Tomlin -- and his... more

CINCINNATI -- Chad Johnson softly sat in the locker next to Adam Jones this past Sunday. Head down, he tried to be unobtrusive as his friend juggled putting on shoes with answering reporters' questions. But Johnson, the erstwhile Chad Ochocinco, coul... more


PITTSBURGH -- It's a philosophical riddle. What happens for a linebacker when a former linebacker takes over a defense? "Stress the 'former' part, OK?" Lawrence Timmons said, interrupting the query. And then grinning. Because even if he was teasing... more


FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- LeGarrette Blount said "amazing" at least two dozen times. About his offensive line, about his going to the Super Bowl, about his night gashing the Colts defense in this dominant AFC Championship win. He cheerfully went on abou... more


PITTSBURGH -- Le'Veon Bell walked down the hallway Wednesday with no discernible limp . He stood by his locker and said, "I feel great ." Twice. But then, when the Steelers running back with the hyperextended knee was asked if that "great" meant grea... more

BEREA, Ohio -- From the start of this crazy quarterback puzzle, Brian Hoyer has been steady. And classy. And so he was Monday, after suffering the twin ignominy of a loss and getting yanked for the younger, flashier and higher-pedigreed man in his... more


Rick Scuteri/Associated Press ChandlerCatanzaro holds the record for consecutive field goals made (17) to start a season for a rookie. Chandler Catanzaro had his degree, a good MCAT score and an interview set up with a medical school right... more


Gene Puskar/Associated Press DickLeBeau (left) and JamesHarrison share a mutual appreciation for each other's habitual professionalism. PITTSBURGH -- They're not prone to shows of emotion, these men. They don't talk about feelings or thr... more

Jason Bridge/USA Today Sports Steelers cornerback WilliamGay says he didn't let a fear of fines keep him from donning his purple cleats. PITTSBURGH -- William Gay thinks it was the interception. Or, more accurately, the funky two-step he... more


BEREA, Ohio -- That was a different Johnny Manziel on Friday. Playful. Grinning. Not all walled off. To be fair, Manziel's audience was groups of pre-pubescent children, not a horde of reporters asking the same tiresome questions about his socializ... more

BEREA, Ohio -- The first afternoon after Johnny Manziel was drafted, he walked into Browns headquarters, met with the media and carefully said if first-year head coach Mike Pettine didn't want to start a rookie , he would do what was best for the tea... more


OAHU, Hawaii -- Tony Gonzalez visibly bristled at the suggestion Peyton Manning's place in history is affected by how many Lombardi Trophies he has. Gonzalez, the tight end who is retiring after 17 ring-less seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs... more

OAHU, Hawaii -- Cam Newton said he thinks he'll have a little edge come Sunday at Aloha Stadium . It's not like Ron Rivera will rush the passer, right? Welcome to the new Pro Bowl, with no conference affiliations, two teams drafted fantasy-style b... more

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Colin Kaepernick ran, unmolested, 4 yards into the end zone. He dropped the ball and mimed ripping his shirt apart , a move Superman invented and a move hometown quarterback Cam Newton has showily co-opted. On NFL Network "N... more

Thomas Davis is clear about this: As obtuse as football players sometimes feign to be, they're not blind. They read newspapers. They're not deaf. They hear the talking heads on TV. The football players on the Carolina Panthers saw and heard their c... more

CINCINNATI -- Philip Rivers walked around the locker room, muddy uniform pants on, cleats off, goofy smile on his face. He stopped at Shareece Wright's locker, laughed over the cornerback's third-quarter interception of Andy Dalton and moseyed... more

CINCINNATI -- This is a story of clearly articulated goals. Cincinnati Bengals coach Marvin Lewis opened the 2012 campaign with kitschy T-shirts that read "DNO" for Destination: New Orleans . This season, he didn't mess with any odes to the Super B... more


LONDON -- The Minnesota Vikings have been here since Tuesday, the Pittsburgh Steelers arrive early Friday morning, and preparations have been long underway for this, the seventh regular-season NFL game in England . Here's a quick primer on this Ame... more


WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Torrey Smith stepped down off the riser, a big grin on his face, his right hand ready for the shake. And the President of the United States said, "Oh man! Your dreads!" The Baltimore Ravens' congratulatory visit to the White Hou... more

OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- Elvis Dumervil called out to Arthur Jones and said, "Come here real quick." It was after yet another businesslike organized team activity under yet another hot sun last week, and Jones said he thought Dumervil, a relatively new... more


PITTSBURGH -- Happy quarterback, happy team? Somewhere between that ugly December day in Dallas and Tuesday morning, Ben Roethlisberger decided he liked the Pittsburgh Steelers' offense. The skepticism is gone, the sometimes-churlish remove has le... more


This is how much Bjoern Werner wanted to play football in America: Between his sophomore and senior years at the Salisbury School in Connecticut, he went home to Germany to earn tuition money. By being a janitor. "It wasn't a big deal," he say... more


FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- After the two pathetic and pitiful pseudo-kickoffs , after the stubborn refusal to say how far she'd ever actually kicked a football, Lauren Silberman still could have salvaged her day. She could have looked at the reporters f... more

Free-agent wide receiver Steve Breaston had a very good meeting with Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin on Thursday, a source close to Breaston said, but both sides are exploring their options in regard to his free agency. Offseason Forecast:... more


NEW ORLEANS -- Jacoby Jones took two steps, from 8 yards deep in his own end zone, and Cary Williams knew he was gone. Gone, past every player on the field. Gone, into the record books. Gone, into Superdome lore and gone, into the pantheon of players... more


OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- It was the first thing Baltimore Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome said about his team last Friday: He loves the Ravens' resilience. In getting to New Orleans, the Ravens navigated one obstacle after another. There was t... more

Jack Dempsey/Associated Press MichaelOher and the rest of the Ravens' offensive line have flourished in new roles during the playoffs. OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- The Baltimore Ravens' offensive line has become staunch. It's been knock-people-over... more

Somewhere between Jim Harbaugh's little-brother temper tantrum and John Harbaugh's cool big-brother congrats via CBS's cameras , this Super Bowl became a Christmas card certainty. The Harbowl. The family week in New Orleans. The Harbaugh parents'... more

After two rounds of postseason play, four teams remain in the hunt for the Lombardi Trophy. On Championship Sunday, two teams will punch a ticket to New Orleans and Super Bowl XLVII. has prepared a comprehensive scouting report for each of th... more

The 2012 playoffs are finally here, with the 12 surviving teams -- the best of the best in the NFL -- set to fight it out for the Super Bowl XLVII title. The action kicks off this weekend with the wild-card round. To get you ready, let's take a close... more


Marcio Jose Sanchez/Associated Press Sitting at 7-5 now, MikeTomlin's Pittsburgh Steelers have hit double-digit wins in four of the past five seasons. Pittsburgh Steelers defensive backs coach Carnell Lake knew the word on cornerback Ike... more


Tom Brady has never been a run-of-the-mill sports pitchman . A year ago he took the unconventional a step further, aligning himself with UGG, a brand known to that point for its sheepskin boots -- for the female set. Today, UGG has a Madison Avenue... more

PITTSBURGH -- It was the last time the Pittsburgh Steelers met before heading off for their summer break. Coach Mike Tomlin called his charges together, dispensed his usual last thoughts and then slapped Jonathan Dwyer's picture up on the big screen... more


CINCINNATI -- The Pittsburgh Steelers like each other. How much that factors into a football team's success probably isn't scientifically quantifiable, but somewhere in the aftermath of the Steelers' must-needed, absolutely-gutted-out and... more

PITTSBURGH -- This is Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh Steelers are 2-3. Which means either a) it feels like the sky is falling or b) the sky is really falling. In the general football-playing world, there are only two teams in the AFC with winning recor... more

Scott Boehm/Associated Press Safety TroyPolamalu missed the past two Steelers games with a calf injury. He'll be back in the lineup Sunday. PITTSBURGH -- Come Sunday, when the Philadelphia Eagles come to town , the Pittsburgh Steelers might... more


ATLANTA -- Carolina Panthers' post-game locker room: Cam Newton sitting in front of his locker, head hidden under a blue towel, body entirely motionless. For so long, tight end Ben Hartsock started sneaking worried glances over at Newton. For so lo... more

Evan Habeeb/US Presswire JoeFlacco boasts a sparkling 101.1 quarterback rating through the Baltimore Ravens' first three games this season. Last week, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco committed the grievous error of saying yes, he doe... more

BALTIMORE -- Before the Baltimore Ravens stormed back on the New England Patriots, before the Ravens won a back-and-forth stunner, 31-30 , on a gut-wrenching Sunday night, Ray Lewis gathered his team. Part Hall of Famer, part preacher, he looked arou... more

PITTSBURGH -- James Harrison and Troy Polamalu. Twelve Pro Bowl berths between them, plus two Defensive Player of the Year awards, four Super Bowl rings, nine All-Pro seasons -- and not a single, solitary snap for the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday... more

Way up on the top shelf of Robert Griffin III's locker, over on the right side, is an Incredible Hulk action figure. After Griffin's clinical dismantling of the New Orleans Saints last Sunday, that little piece of interior design just about sums up... more

Associated Press Cornerbacks JasonMcCourty (left) and DevinMcCourty will square off Sunday when the Titans host the Patriots. One was a first-round pick. One got a mega-bucks contract. They both start in the NFL, they both are shutdown... more


PITTSBURGH -- Wide receiver Mike Wallace hasn't participated in any of the Pittsburgh Steelers' offseason activities, but he'll arrive in town Monday night and report to the team facility Tuesday, two team sources confirmed. Wallace has not sig... more

PITTSBURGH -- The Indianapolis Colts security guard could only be described as overzealous. Standing very close and wearing a pronounced frown, he clearly thought his rookie quarterback should have been heading out of Heinz Field and toward the bus.... more

Tennessee Titans coach Mike Munchak knows exactly what he wants to see out of Jake Locker this Friday night in Tampa Bay . Jeremiah: QBs going mobile Everyone knows TimTebow and CamNewton can run. But they're just the tip of the iceberg. Daniel... more

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said Robert Griffin III would play between 12 and 20 snaps. On the 14th snap of his first NFL preseason game against the Buffalo Bills, Griffin connected with Pierre Garcon for a 20-yard... more has dispatched several writers to report on the 32 training camps. Aditi Kinkhabwala details her visit with the New Orleans Saints. (Click here for the complete archive of Training Camp Reports. ) WHERE IS NFL.COM? In Metairie, La.,... more

July has dispatched several writers to report on the 32 training camps over the next few weeks. Aditi Kinkhabwala details her visit with the Baltimore Ravens below. (Click here for the complete archive of Training Camp Reports. ) WHERE IS NFL.C... more


How long can a first-round quarterback really sit? Jake Locker came to Tennessee from the University of Washington, the eighth pick in last spring's NFL draft. Matt Hasselbeck came to Tennessee from Seattle, Washington, a then-35-year-old three-tim... more

Don Wright/Associated Press Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger has been sacked 314 times in 114 career starts, an average of 2.75 per game.   PITTSBURGH -- In the NFL, quarterbacks have the million-dollar arms and the protect-at-all-costs bodie... more

Associated Press/US Presswire After sporting No. 11 as an Eagle last season, Steve Smith will wear the number he had as a Giant (12) in St. Louis. EARTH CITY, Mo. -- Ignore the healthy knee. Set aside the fresh new start. Even forget the wildly... more

Geoff Burke/US Presswire Redskins coach Mike Shanahan (left) knows that his future rides on the right arm of rookie QB Robert Griffin III.   ASHBURN, Va. -- It was almost offhanded, the way Robert Griffin III snuck in the words. He was... more


FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- Somewhere on the Atlanta Falcons' practice field, between where Asante Samuel pounded his chest and yelled "Deuce! Deuce!" and where Sean Weatherspoon yelled back "How you doing?", Matt Ryan looked at the ground. And tamped dow... more

Ron Chenoy/US Presswire Isaac Redman racked up 121 yards on 17 carries in the Steelers' playoff loss to the Broncos last winter. PITTSBURGH -- Isaac Redman laughed and said he'd be lying if he didn't admit it: Of course he's nervous. New offensiv... more

PHILADELPHIA -- Michael Vick couldn't believe DeSean Jackson said the diva days are behind him. The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback did a double take, started laughing and then asked if he actually used the word "diva." OK, no, he didn't. But when... more

ASHBURN, Va. -- Robert Griffin III strolled to the podium after his first full-squad, offseason practice, looked out at the much-bigger-than-usual crowd of cameras and immediately notified the group he'd cut in front of linebacker London Fletcher in... more

Geoff Burke/US Presswire Kirk Cousins (left) and Robert Griffin III hit the field together at the Washington Redskins' rookie minicamp. ASHBURN, Va. -- Kirk Cousins patiently turned from one reporter to the next. He politely answered the first... more

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