Brian Billick

Brian Billick


Brian Billick is a Super Bowl-winning coach who led the Ravens to the Lombardi Trophy in 2000. He spent nine seasons as Baltimore's head coach (1999-2007) after previously working as the Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator (1994-98). In addition to writing for, Billick is an analyst on NFL Network's "NFL Total Access" and other shows.


As we approach the annual tea leaf reading and analytics-crunching ritual of searching for a franchise quarterback in the NFL draft, it's worth remembering: The past is prologue. The 2018 quarterback-rich class was hyped and compared to the boom QB... more


The Northeast is still vibrantly celebrating the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, and Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are polishing yet another championship trophy, but there are 31 other NFL teams that have already set their sights on the 2017... more


Before we get ahead of ourselves, let me first say this: Every open job in the NFL is, by definition, a good job. There are only 32 of them in the world, and in most cases, if they were any better, they wouldn't be available in the first place. The... more

As we head into the NFL playoffs, which teams have the highest ceiling? The lowest? Which are the dangerous clubs nobody wants to meet? Here's the early line on this season's tournament: AFC PLAYOFFS Favorite: New England Patriots Tom Brady is... more


There's more pro football coverage than ever before, and that's a good thing. I grew up in an age when you'd read game stories in the Monday newspaper, then pretty much have to wait until Sports Illustrated and The Sporting News arrived at the end of... more

Over the course of a marathon NFL season, almost every team -- even future champions -- look hapless at one time or another. In 1970, the Dallas Cowboys lost a "Monday Night Football" game to the Cardinals, 38-0 -- then went on to make it to the Supe... more

The drumbeat will start soon. Rumors will fly, anonymous "reliable sources" will be quoted and conjecture will spread on the pregame shows, in newspapers, on the internet and talk radio. How many NFL head coaches will be fired after this season? Eigh... more


We're about three quarters of the way through the 2016 regular season, and that's the time each year when I like to take a closer look at Toxic Differential. As I've written about in the past, this is a synthesis stat that combines a team's turnover... more

We're about three quarters of the way through the 2016 regular season, and that's the time each year when I like to take a closer look at Toxic Differential. As I've written about in the past, this is a synthesis stat that combines a team's turnover... more

When I was falling in love with football, as a high school player in Redlands, California, in the early '70s, there was a monthly magazine called "Pro Quarterback" that featured an annual special issue in which they ranked the NFL signal callers. It... more

If you're a head coach in the National Football League, one of the things you dread most at the beginning of the season is the prospect of spending any part of the coming months being asked about -- and having to consider -- a change at quarterback.... more

With an absorbing Week 8 in the books and about half of the season complete, we should have a clearer picture of the contenders and pretenders of 2016. But outside of the New England Patriots in the AFC East, can you confidently pick any of the div... more


If you're a New York Giants fan, you've probably already spent too much time this season pondering Odell Beckham Jr.'s ongoing relationship with a kicking net . Two things are true: a) OBJ is a sublime talent who has the skills and work ethic to beco... more

If you're a head coach in the NFL, there are really only two kinds of quarterback controversies: good quarterback controversies (two guys who can start and win) and bad ones (two guys who can start, neither of whom can win). Typically, it's almost a... more

Each and every year, you can point to one or two defining moments that shape the outcome of your season. The Atlanta Falcons experienced such a moment on Sunday as they shifted the balance of power in the NFC South. Even though Atlanta entered th... more


We talk a lot about the 17-week NFL season as a marathon, and that's a justifiable metaphor; a lot can change over the course of four months. But it's also true that the winnowing begins quickly. Just three weeks into the season, more than a quarter... more

I was reminded this week -- not that those of us who have done it for a living need much of a reminder -- of how tenuous and hard-hearted the coaching profession can be. Saturday in Baltimore, Clarence Brooks, one of my former assistants with the R... more

It's one of the enduring arguments when football people get together: What is the ideal way to handle a prized rookie quarterback? There are two diametrically-opposed schools of thought here -- start him right away or sit him for the time being. Ma... more

You can walk into all 32 of the NFL team facilities and somewhere, plastered on a sign in big bold letters, is a list of generic goals that serve as a kind of checklist for the season: Make the playoffs. Win the division. Win the Super Bowl. In my... more


Another season ends ... and another one begins. They're still sweeping the streets in Denver from the Broncos' victory parade, but all 32 teams in the NFL already have started working toward September's season opener. More than ever before, there i... more

It is always fun to get into the last week of the season and break down the priorities for the most overanalyzed game in sports. In the era of "analytics," everyone with a smartphone has a complex algorithm that can statistically determine the outcom... more


The bye week between Championship Sunday and the Super Bowl is like no other week you have ever prepared for as a head coach. And the challenge -- for first-time Super Bowl coaches Gary Kubiak of Denver and Ron Rivera of Carolina -- is that you can't... more

At the end of each season when I was coaching -- and every year since -- I have tried to do a detailed analysis of the four teams that made it to the conference championship games. My goal is to see what major factors contributed to their success, wh... more

If familiarity breeds contempt -- and it often does in football -- then this weekend's Divisional Round playoff games promise to be fascinating studies in hostile return engagements. Three of this weekend's contests will be rematches of games played... more

Over the years, various available head-coaching jobs have been described as "just right," like gift wines: If they were any better, they would not be available, and if they were any worse, you would not take them. Many of the seven current vacancies... more

As we head into the 2015 playoffs, which teams carry the highest expectations? The lowest? And who's capable of busting up the postseason bracket? Here are my thoughts on each conference: AFC favorite: New England Patriots (12-4) Yes, I'm completel... more


As we approach the last Sunday of the regular season, when most of the games played have little meaning beyond pride and determining draft order, we begin to move into what I call the "sub-season" of the NFL. It is that unique period that will domina... more

As many people lament the lack of good quarterback play in the NFL, I contend that we have never had as many quality signal callers in the league at a given time. There are three certain Hall of Fame QBs (Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees), as we... more

Every NFL head coach, in his introductory news conference, will, at some point, promise to field a squad that "can run the ball and stop the run." This is the purest definition of being a physical team: imposing your will on your opponent in the blun... more

Every coaching job in the NFL is tough, but as we head down the home stretch of the 2015 season, a few coaches are facing more pressure than usual. These aren't necessarily coaches on the hot seat -- which, in the modern NFL, can be pretty much any h... more

If you want to make money, investors say, buy into those things that surround and support the top businesses. In the quarterback-driven NFL, one of the top investments you can make is pouring resources into your receiving corps. And at a time when... more


Thursday night's game between Tennessee and Jacksonville, two teams that came in with five wins between them, didn't hold huge national appeal. But watching the two young quarterbacks, rookie Marcus Mariota and second-year pro Blake Bortles, interes... more

If you were to ask a group of NFL general managers, coaches and personnel people to name the best quarterback in pro football, they'd probably tell you it's Aaron Rodgers. Ask the same group whom they'd most want to build a franchise around, and the... more

It seems like every game in the NFL is labeled "a must-win" or "the biggest game of the year." In the case of the Bills' 22-17 win over the Jets on Thursday night, though, these sentiments might have rang true. Neither team is likely to catch the... more

Every team in the NFL has now played at least half of its regular-season schedule. At this unofficial midway point, a few things are clearing up: » Four divisional races -- the AFC East (comfortably led by the Patriots), AFC North (Bengals), AFC W... more

For the long suffering Cleveland Browns' fans now sitting at 2-7 -- fresh off a third straight double-digit loss , this time to in-state rival Cincinnati on national television -- the valid question becomes ... Where do we go from here? I woul... more

In Week 8, seven games came down to a final drive, once again underlining the significance of being able to run an effective two-minute offense. Trying to successfully execute that offense can be challenging, exciting and possibly career-defining. It... more


At this time of year, I typically will write about a struggling team or coach and the challenges that present themselves in a losing season. God knows there is plenty of material for that this year. On the flip side, though, we have the New England... more

One of the questions I'm asked most often these days is whether the 6-0 Carolina Panthers are true Super Bowl contenders. This seems an odd question to ask about a team that has won its last 10 regular-season games (going back to December of last y... more

I have been one of the biggest advocates and admirers of Colin Kaepernick and his brilliant raw abilities. However, as I watch the fifth-year quarterback play, I am reminded of what legendary college coach Jerry Claiborne said to a promising young pl... more

The Denver Broncos are at a unique place in NFL history. They stand at 6-0. They have a future Hall of Famer at quarterback. And yet, the dominant narrative is: Should they bench Peyton Manning? The short answer? Of course not. They shouldn't, and... more

In baseball, even the ace of the staff has off days. And there are times when the manager will take the long walk to the mound in the early innings, snag the ball from his stud pitcher and tell him, "Let's get 'em next time." In hockey, if the defens... more

Like trying to predict the Super Bowl teams in August, giving a "Best Coaching" award at the quarter mark of the season just leaves you open to the critics as the rest of the campaign plays out and your assessments and predictions seem silly. Havin... more

As I watched this past Sunday's games, I recalled again just how aggravating it is when a system designed to correct errors either doesn't correct them or, inexplicably, makes them worse. By Sunday night, I decided that it was time to write a colum... more


A month ago, experts were saying the Bengals -- having lost their first playoff game four seasons in a row -- were due for a major fall, because Andy Dalton still hadn't been able to shake his rep as an underwhelming game manager, and the team would... more

In the zero-sum world of the NFL, where every team's victory is accompanied by another team's corresponding loss, the line between good and not good enough can be exceedingly thin. And when a perennial power starts declining, it can be difficult to... more

You hear it every year heading into that first week of an NFL season: Every team is undefeated. Every team is in first place. Optimism abounds. The opening game of a new campaign carries a special energy, excitement and anticipation -- it's the... more

The 2015 NFL season begins with Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck on the verge of pure greatness. Luck has taken a squad that was 2-14 the year before he arrived to the playoffs in each of his first three pro campaigns, advancing a step fu... more


There are two types of teams in the NFL: those that have a QB who's good enough to win a championship and those that don't. On any given week, there are 32 starting quarterbacks in the NFL -- but there aren't 32 human beings on the face of this Earth... more


Though the confetti is still settling from Super Bowl XLIX , teams around the NFL have already turned their attention toward 2015, knowing that there are just a few months with which to make the moves that will bring a Lombardi Trophy within reach.... more


The night before Super Bowl XLIX , the NFL will salute its best players and plays from the 2014 season with "NFL Honors." The star-studded football and entertainment event, hosted by Seth Meyers, kicks off Saturday at 9 p.m. ET on NBC (with red-carp... more

We're right in the middle of the seemingly endless march to the Super Bowl, when the ratio of news stories to actual news is something like a thousand to one. We get in-depth comparisons between offenses, defenses, special teams units, quarterbacks,... more

After a close loss, it is a given that you will hear a staple of coachspeak in the defeated team's postgame news conference: "No one play cost us the game." This is intended to shield any one particular player from blame. And for the most part, it's... more

Every year for the past two decades, I have pored over the numbers of the four teams that make it to Championship Sunday. Seeking possible conclusions about the direction of the game, I hope to unearth key characteristics of success that can drive fu... more

The Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs was bursting with on-field drama -- but that wasn't the only action to come out of the weekend. The news cycle continues to spin, with coaching movement and personnel decisions dominating the headlines. Here... more

For much of the last half of the regular season, it was generally conceded that the road to the Super Bowl would go through Seattle and Foxborough, and that no one had exhibited sufficient credentials to go into those venues and beat the Seahawks and... more

In its simplest form, the NFL comes down to winning and losing -- and as a head coach, that is how you will be judged against your peers. But the outcome of a playoff game or season can be viewed much differently from one organization to the next,... more


It never ceases to amaze me how quickly we move from the annual spate of firings to the game of speculating about who's going to be hired and which are the best jobs available . When making such evaluations, it's worth remembering there are just 32... more

Well, the playoff field is set , with 12 teams remaining in the race for the Lombardi Trophy. Who will make it to Arizona for Super Bowl XLIX? Who will be abruptly eliminated from contention? Here are my initial thoughts on the 2014 postseason: AFC... more

I always approach the end of the year with a mix of excitement and dread. The final Sunday is replete with winner-take-all division battles, while the playoffs are around the corner, bringing with them some intriguing Super Bowl possibilities. But ne... more

Fate owes the Cleveland Browns a few breaks. Since rebooting in 1999, the franchise has been on a long slog of disappointment. The Browns could write a thesis on first-round mistakes in the draft (Tim Couch, Courtney Brown, William Green, Braylon... more

After a 23-point Thanksgiving thumping of the Cowboys in Dallas, Philadelphia was hailed as an NFC juggernaut, and some said Chip Kelly could win with anyone -- anyone at all -- at quarterback. Ten days later, the Eagles suffered a damaging home lo... more

The quarterback debate reared its ugly head in Cleveland last week -- and it will surely intensify this week, as the Browns' offense flopped once again under the guidance of Brian Hoyer. Cleveland scored two defensive touchdowns, forced four turnov... more

We're three-quarters of the way through the regular season, and "toxic differential" -- the synthesis stat that combines a team's turnover differential with its explosive-play differential (defined as gains of 20-plus yards) -- further underscores t... more

Say what you will about the NFC South, but things are shaping up nicely for the 5-7 New Orleans Saints. Just look at their remaining schedule: » Week 14: vs. Carolina (3-8-1) » Week 15: at Chicago (5-7) » Week 16: vs. Atlanta (5-7)... more


At first glance, the wide receiver position appears to be the easiest at which to transition from college to the NFL. To a large degree, receivers rely on sheer physical ability and do not have to work in conjunction with a lot of other players. Comp... more

Losing in the NFL is never an easy proposition. When you are 3-7, like the Washington Redskins, and have just received a righteous beatdown from the previously 1-8 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, at home, to the tune of 27-7 -- well, let's just say it's not a... more

Ten weeks into his fourth pro season, Ryan Mallett had yet to start a game at quarterback in the NFL. He hadn't seen the field since the Houston Texans' blowout win over the Oakland Raiders in Week 2 , when he took one snap and dropped to his knee to... more

My duties on NFL Network constantly require me to comment on which teams are good and which are bad, who is playing well and who isn't, and -- most importantly -- who is going to win from one week to the next. Faced with these challenges, I'm annuall... more

As I wrote earlier this season , the apparent promise of starting a backup quarterback -- that a diamond in the rough will rise to heroic status when given an opportunity -- usually proves to be a mirage. More often than not, the dream comes to a cra... more

Take a look at the way conventional wisdom about the best team in football has changed in the first two months of the season, and you can see why many believe NFL really stands for "Not For Long." Seattle looked unbeatable during the season opener... more

In the most general sense, coaches in the NFL have three goals, two of which go hand in hand: win the division, make the playoffs and win the Super Bowl. When I was coaching, I tried to simplify the regular season with the first two goals in mi... more


Halfway through the 2014 NFL season, a few things are clear: The Broncos are good, the NFC West is a bear, and rumors of the Patriots' demise have been greatly exaggerated. But it's still difficult to sort out the genuine contenders from the teams... more

It's only the midway point, but for several NFL teams, the die seems to be cast: This is a lost season. People constantly ask me, How do you handle a team in this dire situation? But the situations these teams find themselves in, although similar... more

The Football Gods have repeatedly shown a keen sense of humor, particularly when bestowing success on some coaches. I've seen it firsthand. In 1998, as offensive coordinator for the 15-1 Minnesota Vikings, I was blessed with an extraordinary... more

The football world is all a Twitter -- pun intended -- over the Dallas Cowboys and their 30-23 win over the Seahawks in Seattle. It's not just that so many people expected the Cowboys to be dreadful this season. It's that the old Dallas script -- of... more

Coaching decisions are viewed strictly through the prism of hindsight: If they work, you're brilliant; if they don't, you're the village idiot. Mike McCarthy walked that fine line in the Green Bay Packers' come-from-behind, last-second win over the... more

We're in a golden age of quarterback play. Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers are likely Hall of Famers. Ben Roethlisberger and Eli Manning each have a pair of Super Bowl rings in their back pockets, and could reach the Hall with... more

When Baltimore traveled to Indianapolis , the game was set up to be an intriguing matchup of two of the best teams in the AFC, with both the Ravens and Colts riding an offensive explosion of productivity. After opening up the season with a pair... more

You hear it almost weekly, when coaches talk about their next opponent and what it will take to beat them. Invariably, a coach will mention an opposing player and state a simple directive: "We have to account for him on every play." Brooks:... more


Somewhere between an opening scoring drive that included 14 plays and a postgame expletive that involved a New York Jets fan , Geno Smith might have cost Rex Ryan his job. Make no mistake about it: Despite the contract extension he signed in Januar... more

The love of backup quarterbacks is as old as the game itself. The romantic notion of the unheralded understudy persists: He comes off the bench to save the day, then turns out to be the gridiron equivalent of Lou Gehrig replacing Wally Pipp. There... more

Each Monday, Brian Billick provides a coach's perspective on a consequential decision from Sunday, as well as a compelling take on a trending topic. Here are his thoughts from Week 3: The coach's decision: Jacksonville made the only call it could... more

When you consider some of the contracts recently signed by quarterbacks across the NFL -- including Tony Romo (six years, $108 million ), Joe Flacco (six years, $120.6 million ) and Colin Kaepernick (six years, up to $126 million ) -- it's clear ther... more

Each Monday, Brian Billick provides a coach's perspective on a consequential decision from Sunday, as well as a compelling take on a trending topic. Here are his thoughts from Week 2: The coach's decision: The logic behind deactivating a starting... more

Last week on NFL Network's "Playbook," Sterling Sharpe asked me what the first-time head coaches were thinking heading into their regular-season debuts. I answered by referencing former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's famous 2002 press confer... more

What NFL themes emerged from the opening Sunday of the 2014 season? Our resident coach, Brian Billick, provides five major takeaways: 1) The 18-game schedule is going to be a tough sell A significant injury can alter the course of a team's season,... more

I don't want to bury the lead, so I'll put my conclusion right up top: If you take a quarterback in the first round of the NFL draft and you're not sure if you should start him from Day 1, then you probably took the wrong guy. As is the case in mos... more


The end of the season, whether it comes during the Super Bowl or earlier in the process of elimination, carries a jarring finality -- as well as a nearly instant rebirth. I've been on both sides. I walked off the field in Tampa after Super Bowl... more


Even more so than Most Valuable Player or Rookie of the Year, Coach of the Year is a subjective evaluation. Debate: Coach of the Year? AndyReid engineered a nine-win improvement in Year 1 with the Chiefs. Does this merit some hardware? Let's de... more

I've been watching football for virtually my whole life. And I'm still learning about the game. Here are a few things I'll take away from the 2013 season, as it nears its culmination: » Sometimes a single play can change a rule in the NFL. The... more

It happens a lot in the NFL: The dazzling revolutions of September and October -- the promise of a new-fangled Wildcat or read-option or run-and-shoot paradigm that will change everything -- often fall by the wayside in the bitter rain and snow and c... more

Looking at the eight teams left in the NFL playoffs, one thing quickly jumps out at you: eight elite quarterbacks. You might not think the eight QBs remaining are the eight best signal-callers in football, but they all probably fall somewhere within... more

For almost every one of the 12 teams left in the NFL's championship tournament , playoff football doesn't come as a surprise. Many of these teams have known since October that they likely were going to be playing in the postseason. And when a team... more


It is a regrettable fact of life in the NFL that the holiday season is also the firing season. Either you or someone you care about is on the proverbial hot seat, facing a firing and all the consequences that come with it. There's a reason coaches re... more

If you've been in the game long enough, you see some controversies coming from a ways off. The playoff picture How would your team's prospects look if the season ended today? See where each team stands in the playoff picture midway through the se... more

In the weeks ahead, you'll hear a lot of talk about momentum , and how essential it is for teams entering the playoffs. The playoff picture How would your team's prospects look if the season ended today? See where each team stands in the playoff... more

They didn't stop the game or take out a full-page ad in any newspaper, but another NFL record fell Sunday. TomBrady When Tom Brady threw his second scoring strike Sunday,a dink to Shane Vereen that went for 9 yards in the New England... more


Football players are creatures of habit. In many ways, they have the most conventional schedule among professional athletes in the major American sports. A five-day work week, a weekend of sorts (Monday and Tuesday, give or take injury rehab and/or f... more

With the results of games Sunday and Monday night, the league is facing an unusual situation: In each conference, two of the best teams play in the same division (New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers in the NFC South, Kansas City Chiefs and Denve... more

We're 10 weeks into the 2013 season, and besides the six elite teams at the top (Seahawks, Saints, Panthers, Chiefs, Broncos, Patriots), it's hard to get a clear reading on much of the league. Are the Lions for real? Are the Colts and Bengals contend... more

On consecutive days last weekend, John Fox was hospitalized after feeling light-headed while golfing during the Denver Broncos' bye week, and Gary Kubiak fell to his knees while coming off the sideline at halftime of Sunday night's game between his... more


"The key to success is reaching out, extending yourself, striking, and then, if you fail, bouncing back and doing it again -- being so resourceful that finally, when the moment comes again, you won't hesitate. What makes this possible is having a pla... more

The oldest -- and perhaps truest -- cliché in football is that you build your team around your quarterback. But at what point do you decide you made a mistake and start over? It's a question that the leaders of every NFL franchise must ponder sooner... more

As we take a look at the trends that are shaping the 2013 NFL campaign, it's clear that we've gotten a long way from the ground-game glory days of Eric Dickerson, O.J. Simpson and Jim Brown. Six weeks into this season, just two players -- LeSean Mc... more

The NFL has become more and more of a homogeneous league, with parity pushing all teams to the middle, but some extreme outliers still exist just beyond the quarter pole of the 2013 season. Entering Week 6, there are three teams sitting at 5-0 and fo... more

Every NFL season is a learning process. Preconceived notions of the summer often are turned on their head by Halloween (if not sooner), while players whose names might not have even appeared in their team's preseason previews wind up being a cause fo... more


It was late, and he'd probably had a few, but Jerry Jones spoke for a lot of owners one night in 1993 when he said "any one of 500 coaches could have won" the two Super Bowls claimed by the Dallas Cowboys under coach Jimmy Johnson. The obvious mess... more

Ask an average fan to name the easiest transition from college to the NFL, position-wise, and you're likely draw one common answer: wide receiver. The thought is that the relevant skills -- speed, hands and body positioning -- translate directly to t... more

There are 32 starting quarterbacks in the NFL, but there aren't really 32 players who can succeed at being a starting quarterback in the NFL. If you don't have a proven commodity at the position, the preseason can be a period during which you're... more

As I traveled around the country this past month -- watching games, talking with coaches, preparing for the 2013 season -- one question came up most often, capturing the imagination of both the people who work in football and the fans who watch it: W... more


We are a long way from knowing the complete set of circumstances that led to Aaron Hernandez being arrested and charged in the murder of Odin Lloyd . Hernandez will have his day in court. But although it has no legal impact, the New England Patriots'... more caught up with NFL Network analyst -- and former NFL head coach -- Brian Billick for a quick question-and-answer session to get his thoughts on the New England Patriots' decision to bring on controversial quarterback Tim Tebow. Q: Why do... more


Associated Press AdrianPeterson (left) and PeytonManning have overcome major health obstacles to have successful 2012 seasons. Much like the MVP award should change its name to the MVQB, the Comeback Player of the Year might as well be the... more

Associated Press Baltimore Ravens RB RayRice and Houston Texans RB ArianFoster will play crucial roles in a thrilling Week 15. The outcome of a game often turns on the performance of a single player. Can the star running back take control,... more

A handful of observations as we turn the page on Week 13 and head into Week 14: » Bears really bring it. The Chicago Bears got another turnover on Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks . When BrianUrlacher punched the ball away from running back... more


Three observations as we turn the page on Week 12 and head into Week 13: San Francisco's simply the best Harrison: Week 13 Power Rankings Twenty-six of the NFL's 32 teams are on the move -- some up, some down -- in Elliot Harrison 's updated pec... more

Last Sunday, we saw two fake punts by the St. Louis Rams, a fake field goal for a touchdown by the Baltimore Ravens, a punt return for a touchdown by the Denver Broncos (albeit on a play that should have actually resulted in a touchback ) and a pu... more


Amid flying rumors and opining analysts, Andy Reid announced Wednesday that he would not replace Michael Vick as the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. And you can hardly blame him. Benching Vick would have been the same as waving a... more

By now, most of you have probably seen the great hustle play by New Orleans Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins, who ran down Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiver Vincent Jackson on a 95-yard pass play, tackling him just before the goal line. While that moment w... more

G. Newman Lowrance/Associated Press Kansas City Chiefs QB BradyQuinn continued to struggle as a starter Sunday, dropping his career record to 3-10. A handful of observations as we turn the page on Week 6 and head into Week 7: » New... more

A handful of observations as we turn the page on Week 5 and head into Week 6: » Next man up in Houston. Brian Cushing's season-ending ACL injury obviously is a blow to the Houston Texans, but I don't believe it will send the team into a tailspin... more

Ed Zurga/Associated Press Chiefs RB JamaalCharles has lost two fumbles in four games this season, matching his total from the 2010 season. A handful of observations as we turn the page on Week 4 and head into Week 5: » The fumbling... more


I'm not going to spend much time discussing what happened in Seattle on Monday night , but the class displayed by Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy shouldn't go unnoticed. Coaches' postgame news conferences have provided some pretty intense (and... more

A handful of observations as we turn the page on Week 2 and head into Week 3: Breer: Why are young QBs thriving? Ten teams are starting QBs with less than two years' experience. Is it working? Albert Breer explores in his weekly notes. More ...... more


As made clear in Parts 1-6, teams need an elite quarterback to compete in today's NFL. But getting one is the biggest risk an organization can take. It is easy to identify the qualities it takes to be successful as a quarterback in this league,... more

When projecting the potential of any quarterback, you have to look at the environment he is entering. Signal callers develop differently in different systems, and a QB's brilliance and development can be stifled by the wrong setup. Archie Manning m... more

The task of identifying the quarterbacks of the future isn't getting easier. There's an apple-and-oranges problem that's only getting worse. It's difficult to project quarterbacks from the spread offenses so prevalent in college into the multiple... more

It is obvious that finding the right quarterback is the key to success in the NFL. So, you're thinking to yourself: Find an expert. Find someone who knows. Someone with a track record. Over the past 25 years, no one has had a better track record than... more

The only thing that scares coaches and personnel people more than selecting a first-round quarterback who becomes a bust is not taking one who develops into a franchise player. Think about the teams that needed quarterbacks, yet passed on Aaron Rodge... more

If you're the general manager of a team that drafts the right quarterback -- like the Steelers, who took Terry Bradshaw in 1970, the Cowboys, who picked Troy Aikman in 1989, or the Colts, who picked Peyton Manning in 1998 -- you will feel that you ha... more

Academy Award-winning screenwriter William Goldman ("Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid," "Marathon Man") says there is a key rule that you must always remember to understand the way things work in Hollywood: "Nobody knows anything." When it com... more


Ed Zurga/Associated Press In the NFL's current replay system, referees go under the hood to review multiple angles on a TV monitor. One of the more subtle points of intrigue at the NFL Annual Meeting this week in Palm Beach, Fla., is the proposal... more

Associated Press Offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael (left) and DC Steve Spagnuolo are candidates to replace Sean Payton in 2012. What now? The most difficult aspect of the path forward for the New Orleans Saints and coach Sean Payton is that... more

Associated Press Cedric Benson (left) and Brandon Lloyd are two players who still merit interest from several teams in free agency. Now that we are through the first flurry of free agency, it gets very interesting with regards to the value a team... more


When the NFL Network rolled out its Top 100 players in the NFL series last summer, eyebrows were raised by Eli Manning's complete absence from the list. The Giants quarterback was coming off a 25-interception season and in the eyes of his peers, who... more


The NFL season began with New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning making a statement to a New York radio station that he considered himself to be among the league's elite at the position. At the time, it was a highly debatable topic. Now, having a sh... more

Back in my coaching days, I would set aside time every year to take a hard look at the final four teams that were playing on Championship Sunday. These teams obviously represent the most successful franchises of each particular season. The objective... more

Rematches have been a hot topic this week, sparked by Monday night's BCS title game between Alabama and LSU. The Tigers won the regular-season meeting, but the Tide took round two and left New Orleans with a national championship. In the NFL, remat... more

As Mark Twain was fond of saying, "There are lies, damn lies, and statistics." People can use statistics to serve whatever argument they might want to support. Coaches are the first to dismiss statistics as irrelevant to the game. They often say that... more


This is my annual futile attempt to propose to the NFL that it is time to consider reseeding the playoffs once the teams have been established. How Billick would reseed playoffs Teams would get in by winning the division and there would be two wil... more

I have called Detroit Lions games a couple of times in the past month and will have them once again to finish the season next weekend against the Green Bay Packers. Of all the things you can point to in identifying how they have transformed from the... more

With the firings of Todd Haley and Tony Sparano this week, the annual coaching frenzy officially has begun. The three dismissals (Jacksonville canned Jack Del Rio earlier in the season) nearly match the number of coaches who were let go during the se... more

When the calendar flips to 2012 next month, the country will be focused on three things: 1. Who will win the Iowa caucuses? 2. Will the Broncos stay with Tim Tebow at QB? 3. Will the Colts draft Andrew Luck? The Colts-Luck situation will be t... more

A few quick thoughts around the league: Selfish Stevie Steve Johnson is the type of player who keeps me from getting back into coaching. His TD celebration was a selfish act that said this is all about "me" and not about "us." Johnson's celebratio... more


Jim Brown/US Presswire Danieal Manning (38) and the Texans have 14 interceptions as a team this season, third best in the NFL.   People are constantly looking for the right combination of stats to indicate the probable success of a team. Wh... more

Tim Heitman/US Presswire Aaron Rogers, left, lobbied in the offseason for the Packers to re-sign wide receiver James Jones.   After calling the Packers-Chargers game for Fox last Sunday, I was told via Twitter that I might have a slight... more

Every team has a tough schedule in the NFL. But when and where specific games are scheduled plays a huge part in the momentum it takes to get into the playoffs. Case in point, the NFC East. After Dallas was beat down in Philadelphia , Cowboys owner... more


As we approach the midway point of the NFL season, the inevitable march to the first firing of a coach has begun. Based on last year's record number of in-season firings coupled with the performance of some of the teams thus far, we know the day is... more

Associated Press/US Presswire Alex Smith (left) and Frank Gore have helped lead the Niners to a surprising 5-1 start to the season. It's unfortunate the incident between Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz overshadowed one of the best defensive... more

When it comes to age, they say 50 is the new 40. When it comes to fashion, gray is the new black. And when it comes to passing yardage, 400 is the new 300. It used to be that if a quarterback threw for 300-plus yards, it was something special... more

The Philadelphia Eagles' defense is in full crisis mode, and new coordinator Juan Castillo needs to find a way to adjust his strategies to fit the considerable assets the unit has acquired. Lombardi: What's wrong in Philly? Frustration has set i... more


I have been on the offensive side of the ball for virtually my entire football career. I love the passing game and the artistry it represents. Heading into Week 4, NFL quarterbacks have thrown for better than 300 yards 34 times, obliterating the prev... more

Winning on the road is the hardest thing to do -- not just in the NFL but in all of professional team sports. The time-honored formula to be a good team is to win at home, split on the road, beat the teams you are supposed to beat and split with the... more

Tim Heitman/US Presswire Quarterback Kevin Kolb threw for 309 yards and led the Cardinals to victory in his first game. Lost in all the excitement over Tom Brady's 517-yard night and Cam Newton's 422-yard debut in Week 1 was another... more

Former NFL coach Brian Billick, who led the Ravens to a Super Bowl XXXV title, is now an analyst for NFL Network. This is his first column for Due to the lockout and the unique nature of this year's offseason, there are three criteria I a... more

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