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  • nfl aftermath


    Get up to speed on NFL highlights, news, information and analysis with a look back at all of Sunday's games.

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  • nfl now


    Go inside the NFL Media newsroom, 6 days a week, for all the latest NFL news, injury updates and inside information from reporters across the country.

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  • nfl network

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    Stream NFL Network live on your smartphone, tablet, PC, or connected devices.

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NFL Network

NFL Network is your destination for nearly 200 NFL games, including every Thursday Night Football game, all NFL Preseason games, 96 game replays, past Super Bowls and NFL Classic Games. NFL Network is your 24/7, year-round NFL news channel offering original programming like A Football Life and NFL 100, plus NFL news and analysis from NFL Total Access, NFL GameDay and more.

On you can stream NFL Network live*, watch videos, learn more about our shows, check out our social feeds and add shows to your calendar. Plus get to know our NFL Network analysts like Rich Eisen, Kurt Warner, Steve Mariucci, Michael Irvin, Deion Sanders and many others.

*Through your participating cable company