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The Timeline

There are times in sports forever etched in history. These are the moments that define the NFL. Now they've resonated with some of the biggest names in entertainment.


nfl timeline greatest team on turf

S3 Ep1 - The Greatest Show On Turf

Aired 9/21/2017

An in-depth look at the St. Louis Rams’ record breaking offense that pushed the team to two Super Bowl appearances and one Super Bowl victory from 1999-2001.

the timeline tuck rule

S3 Ep2 - The Tuck Rule

Aired 10/5/2017

The story behind the controversial call that secured a playoff victory for the Patriots in a season that ended with a New England Super Bowl win.

nfl timeline 1991 falcons

S3 Ep3 - 91 Falcons

Aired 12/8/2017

Chronicles the exciting season of the 1991 Atlanta Falcons which head coach Jerry Glanville called "the most fun team ever in pro football."

the timeline the ice bowl

S3 Ep4 - The Ice Bowl

Aired 12/29/2017

Explores the most memorable cold weather playoff game in sports history that featured the face-off of two legendary teams: the Dallas Cowboys, led by Tom Landry, and the Green Bay Packers, led by Vince Lombardi.

the timeline the helmet catch

S3 Ep5 - The Helmet Catch

Aired 2/2/2018

The story of the moment that New York Giants receiver David Tyree secured a seemingly uncatchable pass that thwarted the New England Patriots’ chance at a perfect season that was set to end in a Super Bowl victory.