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  1. What I'll remember about Super Bowl XLVII

    A great week in New Orleans is in the books for the Around The League crew. Gregg Rosenthal breaks down some of his favorite moments from his week covering Super Bowl XLVII. Read

  2. Super Bowl XLVII's most unbelievable moments

    Most Super Bowls have one or two crazy moments. Super Bowl XLVII had nine. Gregg Rosenthal explains why this was the craziest championship game in NFL history. Read

  3. New Nike Gear

    New Nike Gear

    Spring has arrived, and so has a whole new batch of team merchandise from Nike at NFL Shop. Make sure you have the latest gear to support your favorite team. Visit NFL Shop now. Shop

  4. Super Bowl XLVII

    No question: Flacco is elite

    You can mark it down in stone now. After watching the Baltimore Ravens win Super Bowl XLVII, Gil Brandt says there's no longer any doubt: Joe Flacco is an elite quarterback. Read

  5. Super Bowl commercials headlined by kids, celebrities

    Sex sells. Babies sell even more. And advertisers are hoping animals will make you laugh all the way to their stores with Super Bowl XLVII's advertisements. Read