Quick facts: History of NFL games outside the United States

  • By David Carabello NFL Network
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With the Giants and Dolphins playing in London this week as part of the NFL's International Series, here are some quick facts NFL games abroad…

Giants abroad

" The Giants are 3-2 in international games:
-- The Giants defeated the CFL Ottawa Rough Riders in Ottawa in 1950 and 1951
-- The Giants lost to Chicago, 16-7, in Toronto in 1960
-- The Giants lost to the Steelers in Montreal in 1969
-- The Giants defeated San Diego, 28-20, in Berlin, Germany, in 1994

Dolphins abroad

* The Dolphins are 4-0 in international games, including 1-0 in London
-- The Dolphins defeated the 49ers, 27-21, in London on July 31, 1988 (American Bowl)
-- The Dolphins defeated the Raiders, 19-17, in Tokyo, Japan, in 1991
-- The Dolphins defeated Denver, 31-27, in Berlin, Germany, in 1992
-- The Dolphins defeated the Broncos, 38-19, in Mexico City, in 1997

NFL International Games

" This marks the second regular-season game played outside of the U.S. (the first was in Mexico City in 2005; Cardinals defeated 49ers)
" It's the first regular season game outside of North America
" This will be the 10th NFL game played in London
" It will be the 19th NFL game played in Europe (1 in Sweden; 1 in Ireland; 2 in Spain; 5 in Germany)
" This marks the 58th NFL game played on foreign soil (including 6 NFL-CFL games and 1 AFL-CFL game played in Canada). The breakdown of non-European countries:
-- Canada - 16 games
-- Japan - 14
-- Mexico - 8
-- Australia - 1

" The first NFL game played outside of North America was on Aug. 16, 1976 in Tokyo, Japan (St. Louis Cardinals defeated Chargers, 20-10)
" The first game played in London (Wembley Stadium) and Europe was Aug. 6, 1983 (Vikings defeated St. Louis Cardinals, 28-10)

The American Bowl

" The NFL's American Bowl series has been played 40 times, 8 times in London
" The first American Bowl was played Aug. 3, 1986 - Chicago defeated Dallas, 17-6.

Mexico City

" The Cardinals-49ers game at Mexico City's Azteca Stadium had the largest attendance for a regular-season game in NFL history - 103,467.

Wembley Stadium

" Seating capacity is 90,000 seats, second-largest in Europe.



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