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Tired or Wired: Is this really a get-right game for DeAndre Hopkins?


There's nothing wrong with conventional wisdom. But being predictable is usually a pretty good way to get beat. Sometimes it's best to zig when people zag. Yin when people yang. Be unpredictable like an M. Night Shyamalan film (one of the good ones). That's where this column comes in. The tips below aren't for everyone and not all of them may be appropriate for your draft. But keep these handy when you want to throw your league-mates a curveball each week.

We've reached the point in the season where you have a pretty good idea whether your fantasy squad is really in the thick of things or whether your best bet is to play spoiler to someone else this season. But now that we're starting to get into the meat of the byes, it's time to really get tricky with some of your thinking. Let's dive into Week 6 with some alternate ideas on how to steal a few wins.

Streamin' Keenum

Tired -- It's Adrian Peterson Week! Now that Bill Callahan has taken over as the interim head coach in the nation's capital, much has been written and said about his desire to #EstablishTheRun. That means everyone has gone crazy trying to get Adrian Peterson into their lineup against the Miami Dolphins this week. It makes sense and it might be one of the few times this season you can start Peterson and feel confident about it.

Wired -- Stream Case Keenum. It was a head-scratcher when the team announced that Case Keenum was likely to get the start this week. At 0-5 and going nowhere, it seemed the perfect time to start working rookie Dwayne Haskins into the role. Debating the reasons for the decision are for another time and place. What is up for discussion is that Case Keenum has taken advantage of his more favorable matchups this year. A game against the Dolphins would qualify. And as much as Callahan might want to be run heavy, Washington will have to throw the ball eventually. Big plays will be available. If you're looking to stream, Case could be your guy.

Beware Nuk

Tired -- This week is a get-right game for DeAndre Hopkins. Week 1 was great for Hopkins. Everything since then has been pretty meh. But this week's game is going to be a track meet -- so sayeth everyone. Two of the best young quarterbacks in the game facing off against a pair of mediocre defenses. Start your Chiefs! Start your Texans! Be great! Enjoy your weekend!

Wired -- Maybe be concerned about Nuk? It's pretty much a reflex to start all of your players against the Chiefs. So you probably haven't noticed that Kansas City has allowed the ninth-fewest points per game to wide receivers. They have allowed a couple of blow-up games (hello, Kenny Golladay) but overall, their track record has been better than expected. I'm not going to be galaxy-brained enough to tell you to sit Hopkins this week but I am going to tell you to be worried.

O.J. might catch on

Tired -- It's time to move on from O.J. Howard. All throughout the preseason, the hype for O.J. Howard was loud. Through five weeks, his production has been quiet. Howard's 14 targets are far less than what we anticipated. He's caught just 11 passes through five games and has yet to find the end zone. If there's a silver lining, it's that he's out-targeted Cameron Brate but that's small consolation if you invested draft capital on Howard. With Chris Godwin and Mike Evans dominating the target share, you'd be forgiven if you decided to move on from the young tight end.

Wired -- Keep monitoring Howard. With bye weeks coming and the tight end position being thin, it might be hard to hold a roster spot for Howard but that doesn't mean you should totally forget about him. It's hyperbole to say his one-handed catch of a foul ball at a Tampa Bay Rays playoff game got him back on the radar but it at least got the Bucs coaches talking about getting him back in the game plan. Tampa will continue to be a high-volume passing offense and eventually it would behoove them to expand the target distribution. Howard will come back into our lives at some point. If you can find room on your roster for him, you should do it.

Get ready for Green

Tired -- You can't keep waiting on A.J. Green. You probably drafted Green hoping you'd get a steal if he came back mid-season. But we're entering Week 6 and he just finally returned to the practice field still with no indication of when he'd actually suit up in a game for Cincinnati. With the Bengals quickly falling out of contention, there's the danger of him never playing again for the team (his contract is up at the end of the season). Despite your best hopes, this might have ended up a wasted pick and you might need to consider cutting your losses.

Wired -- Trade for A.J. Green. But what if Green ends up with a new team? Head coach Zac Taylor says the team isn't thinking about trading the star receiver but this wouldn't be the first time that a team's words and actions didn't match up. It's increasingly unlikely that the Bengals will have any real reason to rush Green back onto th field and they risk losing him after the season. If Cincinnati is truly interested in a rebuild, they would be wise to move him. If you're the type of fantasy manager who likes to be speculative and get ahead of the curve, now might be the time to make a move for Green in anticipation of him landing with another squad before too long.

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