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Tired or Wired: Sony Michel powers back up in Week 5


There's nothing wrong with conventional wisdom. But being predictable is usually a pretty good way to get beat. Sometimes it's best to zig when people zag. Yin when people yang. Be unpredictable like an M. Night Shyamalan film (one of the good ones). That's where this column comes in. The tips below aren't for everyone and not all of them may be appropriate for your draft. But keep these handy when you want to throw your league-mates a curveball each week.

Through four weeks of the fantasy football season, we've gone through just about every lineup permutation we can think of. Injuries have thinned out some key positions and forced us to contort our thinking in any number of ways. Now it's time to really get dialed in -- especially when it comes to making roster moves for the weeks ahead. Let's get wired.

Is Sony the one and only?

Tired -- Fade Sony Michel. It's been a pretty awful start to the season for Michel. He's struggled to find any running room and struggled even more to make defenders miss. Add to it that New England has lost fullback James Develin for the season with a neck injury and Michel is without a key lead blocker. Combine all of that with Bill Belichick's penchant for rotating backs and even against a bad Washington defense, it's hard to make a case to start Michel.

Wired -- Start Sony on all devices. If we're really believing in #Belitricks, it makes sense to start the running back that everyone has lost faith in. But the more pertinent fact is that Washington's bad defense has been bad. The D.C. stop unit isn't stopping anyone, allowing nearly five yards per carry and almost 150 rushing yards per game. Rex Burkhead has been limited with a foot injury and James White is almost exclusively a pass-catcher. If there was ever a week to get Michel going, this is it.

Eye of the Tiger

Tired -- Avoid playing either defense in AZ/CIN. It's simple. Both the Cardinals and Bengals have bad defense. Also, both teams have offenses that throw the football a lot and have the ability to put up a lot of points on each other. Most people have looked at this game and concluded that there could be plenty of offensive skill position players who have productive days. The defenses? Not so much.

Wired -- Consider starting the Bengals. Part of the reason that both teams are winless coming into this game isn't only because of the defenses. Both offenses have had their struggles this season. Notably, the Cardinals have allowed a league-high 20 sacks so far this season while scoring just six offensive touchdowns. Kyler Murray has been passable so far this year, but if you're going to take a chance on a defense, go with the one facing a young quarterback going on the road.

Crowder house

Tired -- Start no non-Le'Veon Bell Jets. It's not necessarily that the Jets have an impossible matchup against the Eagles, but Gang Green isn't going into this game at full strength. As of Thursday, the team hadn't ruled out Sam Darnold despite the fact that his spleen might literally be a life-or-death issue. If he doesn't go (which seems likely), then that means another week of Luke Falk under center. And that doesn't really seem good for anyone.

Wired -- Remember Jamison Crowder? Before the season, plenty of people loved Jamison Crowder in 2019. Then things fell apart quickly for the Jets and Crowder probably ended up on the waiver wire in some leagues. But even if Luke Falk is the quarterback this week, it's worth remembering that the Eagles secondary still has plenty of issues and is particularly weak against slot receivers and in the red zone. It might be hard to count on the Jets passing game but Crowder could have flex appeal this week.

Stay with Sammy?

Tired -- Trade away Sammy Watkins. Watkins shocked nearly everyone with a huge Week 1 that saw him finish as the WR1. He hasn't come close to repeating that so far this season. To make matters worse, Tyreek Hill will be back soon -- possibly next week. But since everyone wants a piece of the Chiefs offense, there might be someone in your league who's willing to take the chance and make a deal for him.

Wired -- Trade for Sammy Watkins. Yes, Watkins has flopped since Week 1. Yes, Tyreek Hill is going to be back soon. But all of those things weirdly work in favor of adding Watkins to your roster. Last season, some of Watkins' best work came when Hill was on the field. Watkins' big game this season came with Hill on the field. And of course, you want a piece of the Chiefs offense. This might be a great buy low situation.

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