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Five Bold Predictions for Week 16


It's championship week, folks. Remember last week when I told you that an Ezekiel Elliott stat correction was going to cost people? Amazing. (I'm kidding.) But, here are some bold predictions I'm actually willing to make this week. Some of them might even come true. Probably not.

Derrick Henry ends up as the best fantasy playoff running back ever

Derrick Henry has scored 77.04 fantasy points over the last two weeks. That is not only the most in the NFL during this stretch, but it's also the third-most fantasy points scored in Weeks 14 and 15 since 1970. Henry needs to score 30.06 fantasy points this week against Washington to overtake Todd Gurley as the top fantasy football playoff scorer in NFL history. Of course, he's going to do it. Henry is like that dude at your holiday Christmas party who goes into the bathroom when everyone is ponying up for the check and then he rolls up with a $100 bill once the tab has been settled. Blessed are those who made the playoffs with Henry and have taken advantage.

Nick Foles lights up the Texans

Old Saint Nick really likes to make people happy in December. Oh no, I'm not talking about Santa Claus. It's Nick Foles. Since 2013, Foles is 10-4 as a starting quarterback in December or later, including the playoffs. That's the third-highest win percentage behind Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. He's going to have a huge game against the Texans this week. The Eagles will win and the legend of Foles will grow even stronger.

Drew Brees and Ben Roethilsberger will combine for nine touchdowns

Cam Jordan came out and questioned Big Ben's Hall of Fame credentials, and let me tell you, I'm here for it. It's funny when Roethlisberger gets lumped in with some of the elite quarterbacks of the NFL. He's fine. But when I tell my kids about Big Ben's career it's going to be about his ability to sell his injuries, and not what he's done on the field. Although that throw to Santonio Holmes in the Super Bowl was pretty sick. That being said, Big Ben will hurl the rock this week. And, Brees is due for a bounce-back game. Which is the most dangerous game to play in fantasy. The "he's due" card. It's like when you're walking by the roulette wheel and you see red has come up six consecutive times. Black is not "due." The next spin is still 50-50. (Well, less considering the 0 or 00.) All of that being said, the Steelers are currently the No. 3 pass offense with the Saints as the 28th-ranked pass defense. There will be points.

David Williams is a Top 20 RB

Leonard Fournette has been like a bad movie that your friend talked you into seeing; the only problem is instead of two hours of watching the new "Robin Hood" -- I had to suffer with Fournette for weeks. (And I mean no disrespect to Taron Egerton, as my daughter makes me watch "Sing" on a seemingly endless loop.) But last week was the worst. Just when I thought I was making a savvy move benching Philip Lindsay on Saturday night for Fournette (trust me, I was feeling like a genius at this holiday party), the unpleasantness happened. And while Fournette looks like he's back again this week for the Jags -- I'm not here for it. Williams, who out-snapped Fournette in the second half last week, will end up crushing it this week and he's going to be the star of That Helps No One. And, there is no amount of "I'm Still Standing" that will make me feel better about drunk-drafting Fournette.

Matt Ryan is going to be really good... again

Is this bold? My Twitter timeline would seem to indicate that is the case. I get seemingly endless amounts of questions about Matt Ryan. The quarterback version of 311. There seemed like a time in the early 2000s where they were going to be a thing, but now you just look at them now and think, "Wow, I can't believe you're still a thing." Here's what's incredible, though. Ryan is currently the QB2 this season. Which brings a mild surprise. Kind of like when you hear that there are more Subway's in the United States than McDonald's. I fancy myself a spicy Italian from time to time, but that astonishes me. Similarly, Ryan as the QB2 gives me the same feeling. He's had at least 20 points in five of his last seven. So, stop fretting. Ryan is going to be good.