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Things I Learned in Fantasy Football: Week 15


Takeaways from Week 15 as told through @MarcasG's tweets.

In his first 12 games this season, Derrick Henry ran for 474 yards. In his past two games, he's racked up 408 rushing yards. When you look at his weekly stat totals, those last two games will look like a glitch in the system. It's certain to spark plenty of conversation about Henry's draft value next summer when everyone checks his season-long totals. But those who experienced (or at least remember) the weekly rise and fall of the Titans running back are likely to be a little more skeptical. Either way, if you've been able to take advantage of his recent resurrection, you should feel pretty good about yourself.

And then there's this. It's been bad enough that lot of fantasy managers entered the postseason without Kareem Hunt, Melvin Gordon, and James Conner (to name a few) but they've since lost Spencer Ware, LeSean McCoy, and Aaron Jones. That's all before we talk about Emmanuel Sanders and Keenan Allen being forced out with injuries. This truly has been a postseason of #SurviveAndAdvance. There are some things for which you just can't prepare.

Not all RB struggles are created equally. In the end, Fournette did get a second-half touch. A second half touch. As in ... just one. How exactly that happens is still a mystery. Nonetheless, the Jaguars allowed their best offensive weapon to go unused for the entirety of the third quarter and most of the fourth. After back-to-back strong games in Week 11 and 12, things have gone south for Fournette. He was suspended for Week 13, underwhelming in an Week 14 blowout loss and underused in Week 15. Are we sure Fournette and Derrick Henry didn't switch bodies in a Freaky Friday-like event?

Essentially all of the running backs you thought would produce let you down and all of the guys you probably benched went off. I don't have any real analysis here. Fantasy is just weird like that sometimes.

Then there's Kenyan Drake. There is no rational way to describe what the Dolphins are doing with him. Frank Gore left the game with an injury and Miami turned to Kalen Ballage to run the ball. So maybe they view Drake as more of a pass-catching running back? That would make sense in a game that saw Miami fall behind and needing to throw the football. But Drake only had three targets. Was Drake hurt? Then why was he still in the game into the fourth quarter when the game had long been decided. At this point, the only logical conclusion is that Kenyan Drake is being punished for taking the last slice of pizza at the team cafeteria. Thanks, Kenyan.

The Vikings installed a new offensive coordinator and found a way to score 41 points. Kirk Cousins got you 15. In the second half of the season, finding quality weeks from the Vikings quarterback has been hard. It looked like things were off to a good start with a touchdown pass to Stefon Diggs. It was a fairly efficient game for Cousins with 215 yards and a pair of touchdowns but when you're not posting big totals, any turnover -- like Cousins' interceptino -- will have a major impact. After fantasy drafters set big expectations for him this past offseason, expect the buzz to be much more muted next summer.

You know things are weird when people are talking about Jaylen Samuels the way they once talked about James Conner. Since the Steelers' running back has been on the bench with an injury, his replacement has balled out in his stead. Now that the starter is reportedly ready to return, people are wondering how he'll work back into his job. In reality, it's hard to think that Conner will take a backseat to Samuels but let's not pretend that the Steelers have never had success just plugging in new running backs.


* Adrian Peterson has averaged fewer than three yards per carry in three of his last four games.

* Cody Kessler had 57 passing yards. In the entire game.

* Trey Burton had more than 30 receiving yards for just the third time since Week 4.

* Aaron Rodgers was held without a touchdown pass for the first time since Week 6 of 2017.

* Tevin Coleman set a career high with 145 rushing yards.

* Amari Cooper's 32 yards are his lowest output since joining the Cowboys.

* Ten different starting quarterbacks threw for less than 200 yards on Sunday. Two had fewer than 100.

And one for the road...

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