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Things I Learned in Fantasy Football: Week 14


Takeaways from Week 14 as told through @MarcasG's tweets.

A slew of injuries to key players in the past week left fantasy managers scrambling to fill starting lineup spots in a playoff week. That seemed surmountable once we'd all identified the appropriate roster replacements. Then the Vulturing happened. Here's a sampling of some of the players who scored rushing touchdowns this week...

      Kenneth Dixon

      Isaiah McKenzie

      Trenton Cannon

      Damien Williams

    James Develin

That's ... not ideal. Meanwhile, some of the guys you were relying on like Alvin Kamara, Gus Edwards, Sony Michel, and James White left you wanting so much more. It's just a reminder that for all of the studying and planning that you can do leading into a week, there's still a certain amount of luck involved in being successful in fantasy.

So maybe it's not exactly regression we're waiting for but just maybe a defense realizes that Allen has been far more dangerous with his legs than his arm in the past three weeks. Allen has 99 or more rushing yards in three straight games while failing to top 235 passing yards in any of those games. He's also had five combined giveaways in the past two games. One day maybe a defense will dedicate a spy to keeping Allen in the pocket. Until then ... *shrug*

Sure, he scored a touchdown and picked things up late this week but that's the fantasy equivalent of getting a "u up?" text from a person who hasn't bothered to reach out in weeks. And you know that even if you respond, he's just gonna ghost you again next week. With the Rams and Texans on the schedule for the next two weeks, fantasy managers will have a real dilemma when it comes to starting any Eagles on the roster.

There weren't a lot of people expecting much from Amari Cooper when he moved to Dallas -- count me among that group -- but the Cowboys have been able to unlock his potential. That's especially good news when you look at the next two weeks and see Dallas with games against the Colts and Bucs. There's a good chance that Amari Cooper could win some championships for some people. Seemed implausible about six weeks ago.

The bad news was that Kittle did nothing in the second half. The good news is that he was an absolute monster in the first half. The better news (?) is that he's making a bid to be a top three fantasy tight end next season when drafts roll around. Some of it will be impacted by what the 49ers do in free agency and the draft but there's little doubt that Kittle will remain the focal point of the San Francisco passing game in 2019 and will be a popular option at a very thin position.


* Amari Cooper had 217 receiving yards in Week 14. Devin Funchess has had 214 in his last seven games combined.

* Subtract Adrian Peterson's 90-yard touchdown run last week and he's averaged 2.4 yards per carry in his last four games.

* Kenyan Drake has had eight or fewer rushing attempts in nine games this season, including the last five.

* Kenneth Dixon is averaging six yards per carry over the past two weeks.

* DeAndre Hopkins' 36 receiving yards are his fewest since Week 6 of last season.

And one for the road...

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