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Five Bold Predictions for Week 13


Welcome to Week 13. I have to be honest, I'm so glad this column doesn't hit until after the Thursday night game. Because I would have written something stupid like Dak Prescott would have scored more points than Drew Brees. Thankfully, I avoided that.

I know it actually came true, but not in the sense that I thought it would have. I still had Brees as Top 5 quarterback headed into the week. I even scoffed at people who dared to question whether Brees would have a good week against the Cowboys. I knew it wasn't going to be easy. But I didn't realize that Brees was going to falter the way that he did. So what do I know? At any rate, here are five bold predictions that will either come true, or they won't. Yes, that's my first bold prediction.

Chase Daniel has more points this week than Aaron Rodgers (again)

Now if you saw Aaron Rodgers press conference where he sat there and casually read off the reasons why the Packers could make the playoffs, he looked like every bad guy from every 80s movie. Like if he went on Maury and found out Williams Zabka was his father, I wouldn't be surprised. And what was Billy Zabka's most famous role as a villain? Well, you're right, it was "Just One of the Guys" but the second? That's right, "Karate Kid". And who did Zabka spar in "Karate Kid"? You're right, it was Daniel son. So start Chase Daniel, son. But real talk, yo. Daniel played well against Detroit when he wasn't given much of an opportunity with, what, 90 hours between Mitch Trubisky being injured and starting a game? Plus, Daniel out-scored Rodgers last week, too.

Josh Allen has a big day

I had thought about streaming the Dolphins defense this week because a rookie quarterback on the road could struggle. And, I still might. It's not like Allen is going to turn into Jim Kelly all of a sudden. But I love the way Allen has been making big plays for the Bills this season. He runs really well. He had 99 rushing yards in his first game back with the team, so he gives you the bonus there. Plus the Dolphins have allowed a quarterback to go over 20 fantasy points in five of their last six.

Royce Freeman gets into the end zone

If you're looking for a low-key sleeper running back this week, good freaking luck. You don't just roll into the waiver wire in Week 13 and find a quality running back. That's like walking into your donut shop at 11 a.m. and still expecting to get that jelly-filled donut. The good stuff is gone by like 7 a.m., get a hold of yourself. But for both season-long leagues and leagues that might last a matter of days, I've really taken a shine to Freeman here. The matchup is amazing. The Bengals are either last or next-to-last in seemingly every major defensive category. So there is a great chance the game-script could be heavily in the Broncos favor with some solid running potential. I love Philip Lindsay here but he had a season-high 18 attempts back in October and hasn't had more than 15 carries in a game with Freeman active. I don't expect the Broncos to increase that number at all.

The Steelers will shut down Keenan Allen

A lot of times, you can typically pick any slot receivers and expect a huge game. But the Steelers have done really well with slot corner Mike Hilton, who we have talked about previously. Hilton has allowed zero touchdowns and 48 percent completion percentage rate. Allen runs about 54 percent of his routes from the slot, so this matchup could be the key to shutting down Rivers and the Chargers. I would expect Allen to hover around 30 receiving yards and no touchdowns while Rivers works the outside against guys like Joe Haden, who Emmanuel Sanders had success against last week.

Kenny Golladay is the top receiver in Week 13

The Lions opened the season with a bevy of receivers that included Golden Tate, Marvin Jones, and Golladay. Now, Golladay is the lone surviving member. It's like when a famous band has only one remaining member from its original lineup. Since this is Detroit let's say if the White Stripes had just one remaining member. Although, there's just two of them. So, that's a bad example. What is another famous Detroit band... the Parliament Funkadelic. Like if you just saw George Clinton without the Parliament Funkadelic. That's what Golladay is basically right now. He's getting all the targets. He's had 36 targets in the last three weeks, most in the NFL. Julio Jones is next with 34. So in a game where the Lions should be trailing, I expect Golladay to get like 90 targets and lead the receivers in scoring.