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Things I Learned in Fantasy Football: Week 11


Takeaways from Week 11 as told through @MarcasG's tweets.

Just when we thought that there was a matchup that would restore Alex Collins' fantasy value, along comes Gus Edwards to stomp our dreams into dust. Edwards, who is owned in zero percent of fantasy leagues, had 17 carries for 115 yards and a touchdown. Judging from John Harbaugh's postgame quotes, Edwards might have just usurped the job. Maybe the Ravens were trying to tell us something all this time by giving the ball to Javorius Allen. Maybe we should've listened.

Speaking of guys moving up the pecking order, D.J. Moore might have just surpassed Devin Funchess in the Carolina passing game. The rookie had his biggest game of the year with 157 receiving yards and a touchdown and has looked much more dynamic within the flow of the offense recently. Moore's versatility fits in an attack that is featuring Christian McCaffrey and Curtis Samuel more often. After a failing to reach 50 receiving yards over the last four games, it's time to worry whether Funchess has just become Kelvin Benjamin 2.0 within Carolina's passing attack.

Every couple of weeks, Peyton Barber puts together a solid fantasy outing. It's rarely spectacular. But it's usually good enough that you look at it and think "maybe I should put him in my lineup." Yet you know it's not real. It can't be. The Bucs just don't run the ball consistently enough to make Barber trustworthy. Still, those 106 yards and that touchdown have you thinking. As does that matchup against the 49ers next week. Don't do it, friends. Just don't do it. San Francisco's run defense has been better lately. Then the next four weeks after that are against the Panthers, Saints, Ravens and Cowboys. Not exactly a group you want to challenge.

We certainly don't know if Lamar Jackson is going to start in Week 12 for the Ravens but it's hard to think any other defensive coordinator is going to let Baltimore's young quarterback run the ball 20-plus times without having someone keep an eye on him. The encouraging part of Jackson's day is that the Ravens let him throw the ball more as the contest progressed. It's a tall order to expect 100 rushing yards every week. If he's not giving you solid passing totals, Jackson's value will be extremely limited.

Let's never speak of this again, okay? Thanks.

Josh Rosen was supposed to be the most complete of the incoming rookie quarterbacks. David Johnson was supposed to still be one of the league's most dominant backs. Larry Fitzgerald was supposed to still have something left in the tank. Yes, this offense had issues -- notably the offensive line -- but it wasn't supposed to be this bad. Byron Leftwich was going to be the man that saved us. Yet even against a bad Raiders defense, the Redbirds could barely muster an offense. Weirdly, Arizona's top three skill position players (Johnson, Fitzgerald and Christian Kirk) all had quality fantasy days. But man, was it ever a slog. It's hard to feel like you can trust anyone next week when they travel to Los Angeles to face the Chargers.


* Leonard Fournette led the Jaguars in both rushing and receiving yards.

* Cam Newton averaged more than eight carries per game entering Week 11. On Sunday, he had two.

* Ezekiel Elliott had the second-most targets in the game ... behind Julio Jones.

* Colt McCoy (35 yards) was Washington's second-leading rusher.

* Antonio Gates posted 80 receiving yards for the second time since Christmas Eve 2016.

* Taysom Hill (3) had more touches than Wendell Smallwood (1).

And one for the road...

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