Five Bold Predictions for Week 11

Let's get bold. A note for those regular readers of this space: we might not ever get Like/Dislike back, but this might be the closest we've come in quite some time. Let's rock.

Big Ben keeps crushing the road narrative

Roethlisberger has a 111.7 passer rating during the Steelers five-game winning streak. He's completed nearly 70 percent of his passes, averaged near 300 passing yards per game over that stretch with 13 touchdowns and just two interceptions. He's excelled against the blitz. But here's the deal for this week. The Jags blitz on 20.7 percent of dropbacks, but they still get the same amount of pressure. That could pose a problem for Roethlisberger who is actually worse when he goes up against four-man fronts. I mean, his passer rating drops "all the way" down to 94.7 when he is not blitzed. Here's my call, though: Roethlisberger will have a nice game against the Jaguars. We're looking at around 290. A pair of touchdowns. He might mix in a pick. He's given you a safe floor. I know, I might be missing the spirit of this exercise. Let's get (expletive) bold.

Vance McDonald has more fantasy points than Antonio Brown

Here we go. Brown had more than 100 yards in both matchups against the Jaguars last season but was more successful when he wasn't covered by Jalen Ramsey. According to Next Gen Stats, Brown lined up left wide for the majority of his snaps last season while Ramsey lined up right wide for the majority of his snaps. But Ramsey is moving around the field more often this season than last season and has shadowed opponent's top receivers in three games (per Pro Football Focus). So, he might shadow Brown in this game. The Colts exploited a weakness last week in the Jaguars as their tight ends caught three touchdown passes. This will be how McDonald ends up with more fantasy points.

Dak Prescott lands in the top 5 of fantasy QBs

If somebody would have told me a few weeks ago that I would be starting Dak Prescott, I would have covered my mouth and shook my head. Like when I'm trying to feed my daughter green beans at Thanksgiving. Green beans are so underappreciated. Sure, yams, sweet potatoes, and cranberries get all of the love. Green beans are out there tying that damn meal together. Don't load up on those sugary sides that are going to give you a quick burst of energy and then leave you crashed out on the couch an hour later. Take that protein punch from green beans. Much like Dak has done over the past two weeks. His completion percentage is up around 70 percent. His passer rating is over 100. Now, Dak faces the Falcons who have allowed the second-most touchdown passes on the season. This seems like an easy play to me because the Falcons defense is definitely not the same as it was when it absolutely harangued Dak last year.

Theo Riddick is a Top 10 fantasy running back

And in this chronicle of Riddick, and no, I'm not talking about that bootleg, want-to-be "Escape from New York" b-flick, either. I mean ... I love you, Vin Diesel. But, you are no Snake Plisken. No disrespect. You were the bomb in "Boiler Room." I bought opening night tickets for the Pacifier! Opening night! And speaking of pacifiers, Riddick should be more-than-capable binky for people suffering through injuries and Bye-Ageddon. Riddick was second on the team with seven targets but was tied for the team lead with 6 receptions. The Carolina Panthers are tied with the Atlanta Falcons with four touchdown receptions allowed to running backs this season.

Amari Cooper "Amari Cooper's" the Cowboys

Amari has been great. We went over it on Thursday. Dak and Ezekiel Elliott have been much, much more productive. Especially Zeke, who has doubled his number of runs over ten yards with Cooper on the team over the last two weeks. But, this is how a good heel turn is supposed to happen. We get sucked into a lull. It's how all the good ones play out. Rollins on the Shield. Ciampa on Gargano. And any of the 100 times to Horsemen turned on Sting. It was like, Sting, I'm 8. I can see they are going to turn on you. And it feels the same with Cooper here, too. While it seems like things are going to go well for Dak and Ezekiel Elliott in this game, I don't doubt that. Amari is about to do what he always does to us. And don't make me sit here like Bobby the Brain Heenan asking just whose side is he on anyway like when Hogan turned on WCW.