Fix My Flex: Is Raheem Mostert a must-start?


You've figured out most of your starting lineup. Quarterback? Check. Running backs? Check. Receivers, tight ends, kicker and defense? Check, check, check and check. But there's still that pesky flex spot. Do you go with that mid-round running back you drafted for this exact purpose? What about that wide receiver that has a favorable matchup this week? Then there are you masochists who play in superflex leagues. Godspeed to all of you.

If you're looking for help, you've come to the right place. Every week in this space I'll do my best to help you #FixMyFlex. Well, actually I'll try to fix YOUR flex. But that's not how the hashtag goes. I guess it just wasn't quite as catchy. Anyway, you've got problems, I've got answers. Here we go.

Raheem Mostert is the new hotness in San Francisco, especially with Matt Breida missing practice earlier in the week and looking very uncertain for this week. The Niners get to square off against the league's worst run defense so ... good news! Isaiah Crowell is a tantalizing play with Bilal Powell on injured reserve but the matchup against the Bears is flat-out bad. Lately, it feels like Demaryius Thomas isn't doing much unless it's in garbage time. I mean, points are still points but that's just a tough way to live.

I wasn't joking when I said Mostert was the new hotness. He's a solid flex start for me this week against Arizona. As much as the Raiders offense has frustrated the snot out of us, I would lean with Richard over Randall Cobb. The biggest reason is that Richard seems assured of a decent number of touches with Marshawn Lynch on IR and the Raiders likely to be trailing in the second half against the Colts. Cobb hopes to be healthy after missing the last three games with a hamstring injury. Even still, he's been too volatile to trust consistently. I'd avoid him against an aggressive Rams defense.

I understand the hard feelings about Taylor Gabriel, who ghosted fantasy managers after consecutive big weeks. The bigger concern for the Bears receiver is the return of rookie Anthony Miller, who has out-targeted Gabriel in the past two games. Nonetheless, I'd still give Gabriel another shot this week against the Jets, who have been dealing with key injuries in the secondary recently. Hogan has been a nice rebound play the past couple of weeks but much of that may have had to do with Rob Gronkowski's own injury problems. After a week off, Gronk is hopefully a bit healthier, which could spell trouble for Hogan.

Neither player has a great matchup this week. The Bills haven't given up much to opposing receivers and Josh Gordon could get locked up with Tre'Davious White. No bueno. The Seahawks numbers against opposing receivers aren't encouraging but their corners haven't been quite as tough of a nut to crack. Add to it that Golladay is averaging slightly more targets in an offense with a slightly higher passing volume and I'd count on Babytron to transform.

Chris Thompson says he plans to be on the field this week for Washington. While neither he nor I are doctors, that's encouraging news against a Giants defense that has been pretty bad against running backs over the past month -- especially the pass-catching variety. But I'd still go with Landry in a passing offense that has been whittled down to him and tight end David Njoku. The Browns will likely need to throw the ball plenty to stay in this contest. As for Doug Martin ... I just can't.

Tre'Quan Smith has been a popular waiver add recently in the wake of Ted Ginn going on injured reserve. The problem this week is that the Vikings, for all of their defensive problems, have still locked down on receivers. Smith could certainly pop for a big play but the risk isn't quite worth the reward. Minnesota's been a little more forgiving against running backs. This week feels like New Orleans could lean more heavily on Ingram and Alvin Kamara. That's where I'd throw my vote.

This is easily Hilton for me. The Raiders have been giving up a slew of yards to receivers all season and the Colts have one of the highest-volume passing offenses in the league. For all of our talk about the Legion of Boom's demise, the Seahawks have been pretty hard on receivers which makes Tate a tougher play. It might surprise you, but the Saints enter Week 8 with the NFL's best run defense. That's all the reason I need to fade Latavius Murray this week.

As you can probably guess from my last answer, I'm not huge on Latavius Murray this week. Edelman always seems to have a safe floor, which is comforting if you have more risky plays elsewhere in your starting lineup. However, I assume you're looking for the biggest possible number which is why I suggest Brown. Smokey has been a solid deep threat for the Ravens and could find space in the intermediate range between 10 and 20 yards downfield.

The last time we saw Doug Baldwin, he was in London and starting to look like the guy you spent an early draft pick on. Now he's had a bye to get a little bit healthier for Week 8. Even if the matchup isn't the best, a healthy Doug Baldwin is generally a target monster in Seattle's offense. That's more reassuring that the feast-or-famine DeSean Jackson, who can you a ridiculously big number but more frequently leaves you unfulfilled.

Adrian Peterson isn't likely to match DeSean Jackson in receptions but with the way Washington's offense has gone this year, the veteran running back should make up for it in volume. Peterson has exceeded my expectations, helped by his 18 touches per game. That number could be in some jeopardy if Chris Thompson really does return this week but even early in the year, Peterson still saw decent volume with Thompson around. I'd feel more comfortable giving AP a spin this week.

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