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Things I Learned in Fantasy Football: Week 3


Takeaways from Week 3 as told through @MarcasG's tweets.

When it comes to concentrated offenses, none are so focused as the Panthers. Heading into Week 3, Christian McCaffrey was the undisputed focal point with 38 percent of the team's touches -- though most of it had been through the air (20 receptions, 18 carries). That changed on Sunday when Run CMC saw 28 of his 30 touches as a rusher. The next closest Panther in touches was ... Cam Newton with 10 rushing attempts. McCaffrey is a workhorse and there can be no argument to the contrary.

Yeah. But also this.

It might not be 100 percent accurate to just call Alvin Kamara a pass-catching back. But it might be 58.9 percent accurate. Through the first three weeks, that's the percentage of Kamara's touches that have come in the passing game (30 of 51). If you consider his production this season, 67.2 percent of his yards have come through the air. They don't ask how, they ask how many ... so it's not really important which way the production comes if you're starting Kamara. But the Saints had the fewest rushing yards in the NFL through two weeks. That should give hope for anyone stashing Mark Ingram that there is room for him to eat in the Saints running game.

Just when you thought it was safe to put Jordy Nelson on the waiver wire, he exploded for 173 yards and a touchdown. But let's dig into that a little more. Nelson had 139 of those yards in the first six minutes of the game and faded away after that. He'd also had a combined eight targets and 53 yards in his first two games -- which is why you probably were avoiding him in the first place. Finally, he's the third Raiders pass-catcher to flash in the first three weeks of the season, following the lead of Jared Cook and Amari Cooper. There's not enough consistency here to think this is anything other than an aberration.

Now that I've said all of those things about the Raiders passing game, I should add that the most consistent option has been -- wait for it -- Jared Cook. Through three games, he leads the team with 21 catches and has become a player that Derek Carr is looking for consistently. I keep saying that I know how this movie ends and there probably is disappointment ahead. But considering the awful state of the tight end position, it doesn't take much to be a TE1 week to week. Cook fits squarely in the definition for now.

The Dolphins couldn't run the ball as a team, as evidenced by Ryan Tannehill leading the team with 26 rushing yards. Yet what is inexplicable is how Drake had just five carries in the game. It wasn't a game script issue as neither team ever took more than a 10-point lead at any instance. While Frank Gore will live forever, if Drake is your stated No. 1 running back maybe he should get more than seven touches in a game. This is the sort of thing that worried me about the Dolphins running game this preseason. It's also why I should have known better than to think that Drake could be a sleeper this week.

We expected there would be confusion in the distribution of labor once Aaron Jones returned from suspension. What few of us expected was that Ty Montgomery would be in the mix. It remains to be seen what this means for the future. There's still some thought that as long as Aaron Rodgers is dealing with a knee issue, Jamaal Williams will see more time as the better pass protector. Yet it was Aaron Jones that has been the more explosive back. As we go round-and-round about this, Mike McCarthy is sitting somewhere grinning devilishly and drawing up plays for T-Mont.

I'm old enough to remember when the Cowboys were 13-3 with a young nucleus and poised to run the NFC East for years to come. Life ... you ... fast. Dak Prescott is a shell of the breakout rookie we saw two seasons ago, Dallas has no threatening pass-catchers and the once-dominant offensive line is riddled with injuries. So far this season, Zeke has been Zeke and has justified the high pick people spent on him but you have to wonder how much longer until teams just start putting eight or nine defenders consistently in the box and daring Prescott to beat them.

Early in Sunday's game, David Johnson caught a touchdown pass on a vertical route and we thought our troubles might soon be over. That's what we get for thinking. Yet again, Arizona tried to ram Johnson up the middle repeatedly with limited success and gave him 16 total touches for 61 total yards. We all want to believe that Mike McCoy figures it out ... but what if we're wrong? *shudders*


Three quarterbacks on Sunday averaged less than five yards per attempt -- Andrew Luck, Blake Bortles and Dak Prescott.

Three quarterbacks (Cam Newton, Drew Brees and Josh Allen) had multiple rushing touchdowns in a week for the first time since the merger in 1970. (H/T @NFLResearch)

Alvin Kamara's 20 targets were the most by a running back since the NFL began tracking the stat. (H/T @AlexGelhar)

The Bills defense had more fantasy points than any Vikings player.

The Bears defense has five interceptions in three games. They had eight all of last season.

And one for the road...

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