Like/Dislike: Looking ahead to the 2018 fantasy season


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  • Star Wars!

    A few SPOILERS lurk below

  • Tom Brady

    Is his fantasy window closing?

  • Deshaun Watson

    All-in on Houston's QB for 2018

Thank you!

Thank you for everybody who has been along for the ride. Be it joining me on my Rankbook Live sessions (sorry, I'll master Periscope in time for next year, I promise). Maybe you caught my ridiculousness on Good Morning Football Weekend, which was probably the most fun I've ever had on TV. Or even if it was tweeting a complaint, listening to the podcast (I'll be back soon) or what have you; I really can't think you enough.

It's really cool to interact with all of you. Even you haters can be a lot of fun, too. So I really do appreciate you. Even in the times when I couldn't get to everybody and I left you hanging because I can be a lazy butt, I really do appreciate you. This is a pretty cool gig. The only reason it's possible because of fine folks like yourself who enable this endeavor. So I know I don't say it often enough, but I did want to let you know before we start looking ahead to 2018.

And speaking of that, this weekend's column is going to focus on the future. One that should involve you not playing fantasy in Week 17. You can check this out.

Don't be sad. I'm not going away. I'll probably talk more wrestling, Angels, Kings and Lakers in the next few months. I love college hoops, too. And if that's not your particular brand of vodka, it's cool. I'll keep going on fantasy too. So why don't we use that as a perfect spot to jump into this.

And without further ado ...

I had Tom Brady in our NFL Fantasy league and my league of record (both with Gronk!). I survived one (obviously) and not the other (thanks, Todd Gurley). But I think this might be the last time I go with Brady in fantasy.

I might be able to be talked into it again. But I'm starting to wonder if Brady is going to take a page from Drew Brees and let his rushing attack do most of the talking for him. I mean, Brees and Brady can still go when they need to. But neither team needs their QB to throw for more than 5,000 yards anymore.

Matt Ryan being a bust was the easiest thing to call this season. It's nothing about a magical season, it's about losing Kyle Shanahan. One of the top offensive minds in the league.

Jameis Winston truly disappointed me this year. I was so ready for him to break out and have that monster season. But it never happened. And I blame Dirk Koetter. This is the second time you've failed me! (The first was his coaching stint at ASU.)

Marcus Mariota was another disappointment. Ever since he broke his leg, man. I also blame the coaching staff here as well. Again, it's hard to find a Shanahan and McVay. But the Titans need to do something before I'm buying in again.

Image It's funny. I'm ready to enjoy the ride when it comes to "Star Wars" and whatnot. Not wrestling. Elias was amazing on Monday Night Raw this week. But I was pissed beyond belief that part-time wrestler John Cena was able to go over him. Brandon Stroud always talks about this at great length in his columns, but it truly is an insult to the fans to have to watch him do this to the guys we are starting to love. Can't we just have Cena come out, give his hat and shirt to a child (which is the best of John Cena) and then go over some enhancement talent. Not somebody who has become the best part of the show. I would have been upset if it was the Miztourage instead of Elias. But those guys exist for those sort of beat downs. It's all very depressing to me. And don't get me started on Ty Dillinger, too. Ugh.

Image John Cena is set to have a "big" match at WrestleMania. And with a name bigger than A.J. Styles. Which, how is that even possible? Bigger than Styles? I just hope it's the Undertaker. And then Cena can sit there and believe that he's beaten the streak or something. Maybe this somehow passes the torch? And Cena will be the guy who only shows up to Mania to win. I don't know. At least this means my dream of Nakamura vs. Styles can still happen.

I'm not drafting Melvin Gordon next year. I just can't do it. I know, he got his double-digit touchdowns again. This despite that he ONCE AGAIN averaged less than four-yards per carry.

Matt Harmon once used Tyreek Hill as an example as to why you need to do more than look at the numbers and watch tape. Gordon is the classic, don't watch tape just look at the numbers.

Hey, can the Lions ever have a rushing attack again? Like ever? I mean, I should be happy as a Bears fan. But it's the Lions. They had Barry Sanders and never mattered.

Let me put the Giants on that wish list, too. But new GM Dave Gettleman will make the offensive line a priority according to Mike Garafolo. That would help.

Image Depeche Mode was one of the first concerts I ever went to. And it was amazing. Almost as equally amazing that that (now) trio is still touring and one of the highest grossing acts on the planet along with U2 (duh), Coldplay and Guns N' Roses. And yet, they were not inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Which is a joke. I know they aren't a true "rock-n-roll" band. But this is to celebrate music and DM has been one of the most influential groups of all-time. Just think of all of the bands, even hard rock bands, that started using synthesizers because of their influence. It's mind-boggling that they continue to get overlooked.

Image Oh well, it's not all bad. Depeche Mode should get in next year. And I'm not quite sure about the induction qualifications, so forgive me if I get this wrong. But I believe Blink 182 should be in its first year of eligibility next season, and it is an automatic, sure-fire first-ballot Hall of Fame band. What would be really cool would be to induct Blink 182, No Doubt and Sublime all in the same year. Though I have to surmise (without looking it up) Sublime is already in. … Holy smokes, I just looked it up. Sublime isn't in the Hall. How is this Hall of Fame worse than the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

I feel like we're going to see some tremendous value in Julio Jones next year. It feels like he's going to drop out of the first round. That's a given. But would you take him in the second-round? I feel like it's still risky at the top of the second. But if you could pair (for instance) Nuk and Julio, that's a pretty nice starting point. I'm not advocating a straight zero-RB theory. Because there are some great young RBs that are too good to pass up. But if you could go this direction and then scoop up your RB later, that's not bad.

And if the Falcons replace Steve Sarkisian, I'd be more apt to jump in Julio next year.

Amari Cooper could drop to the fifth-round of my draft and I would still hesitate to draft him.

BTW, my fifth-round pick in the NFL Fantasy LIVE League was Stefon Diggs. He was fine this year. Not great, but fine. Did I do this to him? BTW, he's the second Vikings receiver I've drafted in the fifth-round of this league.

And for further clarification. For any of you jerks who like to say, "This guys advised taking a kicker in the fifth round." That never happened. I picked Stephen Gostkowski in the fifth-round of one league. I could never be more clear. However, some poor kid nearly deleted his account because he got it wrong. Don't go to those extreme measures.

But seriously, one more year for Jay Cutler, right?

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