Like/Dislike: You can't bench Tom Brady in fantasy


What we are talking about:

  • Tom Brady

    He hasn't been great, but can you really sit him?

  • Dak Prescott

    Start him with confidence.

  • Matt Ryan

    Still not buying in.

A lot of you are probably sore with Tom Brady this week. Mostly because many of you are Patriots haters for reasons I surely can't explain. But if I'm going to be completely honest here, Brady hasn't been that great over the past couple of weeks. How bad? Let's take a look.

Trevor Siemian (one touchdown and four picks) is the only player with a worse touchdown-to-interception ratio than Tom Brady (two touchdowns and four picks) since Week 13. Brady will try to avoid his first streak of five consecutive games with an interception since 2002. That seems like a long time ago.

If you've managed to get this far with Brady you must be sweating. I know I'm not super comfortable with it. He's got a bad matchup against the Bills who haven't allowed a lot of points to quarterbacks this season. Brady had around nine points against the Bills just a few weeks ago. So, if you could remove emotion from fantasy football, you'd probably be better off with Nick Foles, Blake Bortles or Case Keenum.

But I can't remove the emotion from the game. And I don't want to do something I'm going to regret. Let's say you look at the numbers and start somebody else, what happens if Foles scores six points for you. And Brady ends up throwing four touchdown passes? You're going to hate yourself forever. I'm still pissed I benched Dak Prescott for Marcus Mariota last year. Don't do this to yourself.

If you start Brady, however, and he's bad. Guess whose fault that is. That's right, that falls on Tom. You can be irked at him forever. You can swear off avocado toast and never watch another Mark Wahlberg movie again. It's all on him. The only thing you can really do in fantasy is put your best players out there. What happens at that time is out of your control. It's like watching "The Last Jedi" or something. It's not like you're the one writing and directing it, so just sit back and enjoy the show.

And without further ado ...

The Falcons should look for an offensive coordinator who will make it a priority to get the ball to Julio Jones in the red zone. Until they do, I'm going to continue to bench Matt Ryan.

Jared Goff played really well at Seattle, but it didn't mean fantasy points. I'm concerned about him in the 10 a.m. PST slot and coming off a huge road win against the Seahawks.

Kirk Cousins has averaged just 13.35 fantasy points per game over the last month. The Broncos defense, admittedly not what it once was, has still allowed just 188.7 passing yards per game this year. Second-fewest in the NFL.

I bought into Derek Carr in my Second City league. I thought I had scored. Yeah. Carr has scored 19 or fewer points in 11 of his 13 games this year. I almost bailed myself out by getting DeShaun Watson. But then, yeah. You know, I kind of deserved not to win that league for buying-in on Carr. That's on me.

Jimmy Garoppolo has more passing yards in his first three starts with the 49ers (1,008) than Joe Montana (488) and Steve Young (470) combined.

ImageI'd also like to note, the Bears sent a second-round pick to 49ers to grab Mitch Trubisky. And I don't hate Mitch and think he's going to be good. But damn, I wanted Jimmy G (an Arlington Heights native). And imagine if the Bears had traded for Jimmy and instead drafted Marshon Lattimore. I'm done.

ImageOf course, all of this will be moot if the Bears even consider Jeff Fisher as their next head coach. This would be the worst reboot since Tom Cruise ruined "The Mummy" recently. This can't happen. The Bears are one of the marquee franchises in the NFL. This can't be allowed. Now, if the Packers want to fire Mike McCarthy and go for Fisher. Well, that would make a lot of sense.

Brett Hundley is 3-5 as the starter of the Packers. His offense has limped to an 18.5 points per game average. And injury concerns still loom over this team.

Hundley did rally the Packers to a win over the Browns. And since that happened, us Bears fans have set a countdown clock to this showdown with the Browns because we all know how this ends.

And it always surprises me that we can be this late into the season and people will still be all, "hey didn't realize you are a Bears fan." Seriously.

The Raiders are still alive in the playoffs. But they can't count on Marshawn Lynch this week because the Eagles have allowed the fewest rushing yards this year. Now, some part of me wonders if this is because the Eagles have been leading, meaning the game script flips. And there is that. But the Eagles front is superb and I'm going to avoid this matchup.

I really whiffed on Mike Davis last week. I can't trust him this week because the Cowboys haven't allowed a rushing touchdown in four consecutive games.

Here's the full list of teams that haven't allowed a touchdown to a running back over the last four weeks: The Cowboys, Chicago Bears, San Francisco 49ers and Jacksonville Jaguars. Two of those make sense.

Somehow Melvin Gordon still keeps scoring fantasy points. If the Chargers could have a power back to carry the rock on first- and second-down, and sprinkle in Gordon to do what he does best, this offense could be unstoppable.

ImageWhy is Kane still involved in a major storyline in 2017? This is so crazy to me. The WWE sometimes treats Braun Stroman the same way John Fox treated Mitch Trubisky during his first couple of starts. Like, let the dude go. Stroman is over AF. Let him do this thing. BTW, Rusev needs to be a full-fledged face. The fans love him. How can you not acknowledge this, WWE?

ImageJinder Mahal losing clean to AJ Styles like he did in the PPV this week probably did more for his credibility than his stupid title run. It's amazing what happens when you let somebody look good wrestling. It's not too late. If you shuttle Mahal to the mid-card and let him win some feuds without any outside assistance, then maybe you can make him a main event player.

Did you know the Titans haven't allowed a touchdown to a receiver in four consecutive games? That's crazy to me. I almost want to test that with Robert Woods. But again, playing the early window after a huge game in Seattle scares me. Especially with the Titans still going for the playoffs.

I thought I sensed some chemistry between Robby Anderson and Bryce Petty. But the Chargers have not allowed a 100-yard receiver this year. But then again, the Browns hadn't beaten anybody last year headed into that game. But I'm still out on Anderson.

T.Y. Hilton has no receiving touchdowns in nine of 11 games this season. The Ravens have allowed the fewest points to wide receivers this season.

As a proud member of the balds, I wear beanies more than most. I just don't get why people have to say (expletive) like, "hey man, it's not that cold." First, forget you, you don't know me. And second, it's such a weird thing to be proud of. Wow, you can wear short-sleeves in 40-degree temps. Be proud.

I wouldn't normally want to play Richard Rodgers for general purposes. However, the Vikings haven't allowed a touchdown to a tight end since Week 6, so I can give you a valid reason to avoid him, and I won't look like a homerish jerk. At least not more than normal.

Jason Witten, great guy. But he's scored fewer than seven fantasy points in seven of his last eight. Seattle has allowed 2.73 points to tight ends over the last three weeks.

ImageI was saddened to see this famed photograph make its way around the internet this week. Look at those champions! The WWE was cool recently. But I absolutely delighted in this thread.

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