Like/Dislike: Trust Russell Wilson against the Eagles


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Kareem Hunt has been a disappointment over the last couple of weeks. How bad?

That's some real talk right there. But that's not all. Hunt has failed to record 100 scrimmage yards in each of his last four games after gaining 100 yards (plus) in each of his first seven career games. He led the NFL in rushing yards (717) and scrimmage yards (1,002) after Week 7. He's rushed for 173 yards and accumulated 232 yards in that time since. So the entire fantasy community has turned their back on him and sent him packing. Like when Ara Parseghian sent Vince Vaughn's character packing in "Rudy." That's right, Vince Vaughn was in "Rudy." That's where he met Jon Favreau and then went on to make "Swingers" and stuff and the world was left changed for the better.

But still, I'm going to once again go with Hunt this week because I'm a complete idiot. It's not something that I've seen on the tape. There weren't glimpses last week. It was completely awful. And I have no justification for going with Hunt again, other than the fact I'm going to trust his talent. It's more than "he's gotten me here" or anything like that. I really can't believe what I'm watching. I can't believe the Chiefs offense can be this bad. They have to be better. And we've seen too many instances where once we turn on a guy (I'm looking at Cole Wright who benched Julio Jones last week), they rise above the ashes.

Now part of the problem is that Andy Reid is such a good coach in the first half of the season. He made the Patriots look foolish in Week 1. And how the Patriots have allowed the fewest points over the last five weeks (yes, even less than our national treasures, the Jaguars). That's because Bill Belichick makes in-season adjustments. Reid keeps wondering why his duct-taped rear-view mirror keeps falling off his car.

But this is a good matchup for the Chiefs. The Jets are 26th against the run this season. So you can get some traction on the ground. I should know better, but I'm really out of options. I mean, I could slide in Travaris Cadet. But I'm just going to stick with Hunt instead. Come with me.


And without further ado ...

I might trust some of the Kansas City Chiefs stars. I'm not trusting Alex Smith. He's the only guy I can really rage quit right now. I mean, I'll start Hunt. But I want to scapegoat some of the other guys in this offense.

Jameis Winston will start on Sunday against the Packers. I should love this matchup. But I'm out. And I'm also bummed Ryan Fitzpatrick's beard (which he's re-growing) is going to go to waste.

Coach Dirk Koetter did have a nice exchange with a reporter this week when asked about how the fans feel about Winston's return. "In my call-in poll Greg, when I talked to all 70,000 of them it was 45,00 to 38,995 in favor." That's funny. Koetter is funny. Not a great NFL head coach. But funny.

Image Speaking of Koetter, he was a disaster during his time at Arizona State. Which completely bummed me out because I had the highest of hopes for him. But Koetter's tenure at ASU is going to look like the George S. Halas era of the Bears compared to Herman Edwards. I know why the Sun Devils went with Edwards, and it's a huge mistake. The dude hasn't coached in what, a decade? I'm so disappointed and it completely defies logic as to why this isn't a perennial Top 20 team. Seriously, nobody wants to coach the Sun Devils? I'll never understand it.

Image Speaking of coaching gigs, is Tennessee really that bad of a job? I remember back when I played EA Sports NCAA Football, the Tennessee gig would come up often. I actually jumped at it one time and ended up making the Volunteers a powerhouse. But is it just assumed Tennessee is never going to be good?

The 49ers are going to simplify the playbook for Jimmy Garoppolo this week. Come on. He's smart. He's from Arlington Heights, not Wisconsin.

I want to like Blaine Gabbert this week. I also wanted to really like almond milk, soy chorizo and every sitcom Matthew Perry has done post "Friends" but it just hasn't worked out.

How come nobody is talking about his Jay Cutler revenge game?

Marcus Mariota has not fumbled this season. Sure, he's thrown about 89 interceptions, but he hasn't lost a fumble this year so he has that going for him. I don't really hate this matchup. But I've got him at the low-end of the QB1 ladder. I would start Matt Ryan or Case Keenum over him.

I'm trying to think about how Matthew Stafford is going to stack up at Baltimore. My gut says to avoid this situation if possible. Again, I'd go Keenum and Ryan over him.

There are a number of narratives to take with Andy Dalton. His struggles against the Steelers. His inability to play in primetime. Either is reason enough for me to leave him on the bench.

Speaking of narratives, Ben Roethlisberger is on the road people. He. Is. On. The. Road. But remember this. Roethlisberger has won his last seven primetime games with 24 touchdowns and four interceptions. So, what do you want to believe? I'm almost on board with him.

I was happy to rage-drop Derek Carr a couple of weeks ago. I should have known better. I had felt the Raiders could step back this year because it always seems like those teams who make a miracle run one season, regress the next. But I wanted to believe in my soon-to-be Las Vegas Raiders. But with no Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper, I'm out.

I think I'm going to play Cordarrelle Patterson this week, though. This would be the week for that, no?

Image Marvel had some trailer out recently. I didn't watch it. One of the problem with those team-up movies is that they can be very shallow. Which is why "Wonder Woman" is a superior film to "Justice League" and whatnot. The last couple of Marvel team-ups haven't been that great since the first Avengers movie. And even then, that wasn't that great. So I believe "Thor" will end up being better than "Infinity Wars" but the trailer was rad.

Melvin Gordon settled in with 88 total yards last week, and no touchdowns. This is what touchdown-dependent looks like. He still got 21 carries, and that was in a blowout win. The Browns are tough against the run, but game script figures to lean towards the Chargers running a lot.

Devontae Booker is the best of the all of the options in the Broncos backfield right now. Which is akin to saying, "Hey look, I picked the best of all of the sushi rolls at the gas station today."

I want to like Ameer Abdullah this week. He's a nice man. Seriously, he loves comics and everything. But man, the dude puts the ball on the floor like he's a point guard.

A.J. Green is probably going to start for you in year-long leagues. I get that. But I would seriously consider putting him on the bench for Robby Anderson. I know that seemed super-specific.

Demaryius Thomas would be my favorite of the Broncos receivers. Which would be akin to picking the best omelet made by a Labrador. I mean, there's a chance that Lab makes a great omelet because I would never know.

Dontrelle Inman is going to be great. Next year. I look forward to a receiving corps of him, Cameron Meredith and maybe one other dude to provide an option for Lake Mitchigan. That's right, I went full Mitchigan.

Sammy Watkins will be locked-in with Patrick Peterson this week. It was fun having Watkins back for a week. I know this might just be my imagination, but I would love to see what Watkins could do if he was a No. 2 option for a team with a solid WR1 who would draw the toughest assignments. Dare to dream there will be a day when Kupp is that guy.

I swear, I know the moment Tyreek Hill goes to my bench he's going to have the monster performance of the decade. I might as well just release him.

I don't know, man. Maybe playing NFL football is easier than I imagine, but I'm not playing Josh Gordon. I think Hue Jackson might be talking him up to make things easier for Corey Coleman.

Image I don't know how it happened, but, wait I do. I am back into watching the MTV "Challenge" ever since CM Punk was on it a few seasons ago. I was going to punt this season because I couldn't believe I was still watching this stuff. But I was pulled back in because Terrell Owens is on it. And when I saw my dude CT was also going to be on it, I was sold. And thankfully, they have not let me down.

Image Check out this story about Aaron Rodgers being spotted on the streets of Chicago. Yep. Things have become so bad for Aaron Rodgers, he has to mope around the streets of Chicago in hopes that people will recognize him. He's the worst. I bet that lady was probably hoping it was Jordan Rodgers.

Image I'm just kidding about the above. But I hate these kind of stories because I'm not supposed to like Rodgers. It's like watching those all-access pieces the WWE has done on Kevin Owens. My wife hated him until she started watching it, and now she's a fan. But she'll never admit it, so don't bother asking her. (And to the edit staff, it would be funnier to do the Rodgers bit without this paragraph, I'm cool with that.)

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