Like/Dislike: Marvin Jones motoring in fantasy football


What we are talking about:

  • Injuries, man.

    Don't throw in the towel.

  • Marvin Jones

    Dude is on fire.

  • Keenan Allen

    Not a great spot this week.

We’ve had a lot of huge injuries this year. Deshaun Watson. Dalvin Cook. Odell Beckham Junior. Yeah, I should know. I had them all on one team. And sure, it would have been easy for me to throw in the towel. It would have been easy for me to ghost this lineup and never return. It would have been easy for me to mail it in harder than George Clooney as Batman. But you want to know what I did? I’ve continued to field a competitive lineup. Well, as competitive as a lineup with C.J. Beathard can be. But even if you think you’re out of it, you should approach your fantasy lineup like a Kardashian approaches life. Do anything you can to stay relevant. Scour the wire. Make trades. Show some skin on Instagram. All right. Don’t feel like you have to do the last one. Here’s what I’m saying. Don’t be a hero. You don’t have to be Batman. Just please, don’t be a Joker.

That’s (expletive) deep, bay bay.

So I’m not going to spend a lot of time getting to the point. I’m just going to do it. Oh, and quick warning. Lots of wrestling stuff happened this week. I feel like I was being good about it recently (which is probably [expletive] news to my editors). That’s all out the window. But there is some straight-up fantasy news here. And a lot of wrestling. Let’s get started.

And without further ado ...

I'm not completely sour on Marcus Mariota. I like what he's got working. Love that Corey Davis is back. I'm just not ready to jump in with him this week against the Bengals who are playing well defensively.

The Bengals have allowed 13 offensive touchdowns this season. Fourth-best in the league. You wonder what could have been had Hue Jackson stayed. Was Cleveland worth it, Hue?

But Mariota is likely on your wire right now. He might be worth a stash, even if you don't need him this week.

Jacoby Brissett has one really good game to his name this year. He's not going to add a second one against the Steelers. Pittsburgh might be the second-best D behind Jacksonville in the AFC.

Blake Bortles has a nice schedule down the stretch. Well, after this week against the Chargers. The Chargers D is kind of nice stream-able option this week. This could be really low-scoring. I know, excellent analysis.

BTW, I caught numerous examples of Tony Romo saying, "Jim, the Broncos could either run or throw it here." I'm serious. Check the audio!

Kirk Cousins ranks third in passer rating. The Vikings have allowed the third-lowest passer rating. I see this being the kind of game where Chris Thompson can get some work. But Cousins doesn't have a great game.

C.J. Beathard is going to start this week. What the stuff? Are you going to play my pal Jimmy G at any point this season? Are you doing a mail-order quarterback type of thing? You're just going to get hitched without seeing him play? Seems like a good idea.

I know Derek Carr is on a bye. But by the time he reads this, there is a good chance he will have been dropped from my fantasy roster. I know this is some "Friday" (expletive), like how are you going to get dropped from a fantasy team on your bye week. But it happens.

Image So Shane told Kurt Angle that he there was going to be retribution for the attack on Daniel Bryan. Which only happened because of your unprovoked attack on RAW one night because, yeah, what was the reason again? Oh yeah, you're the inferior brand. You are the show with A.J. Styles so that kind of doesn't work. But I wish the WWE would have at least began to plant the seeds of this with the RAW announce team running down Smackdown Live for months, maybe even a year. (Which is hard because Corey Graves is on both shows.) Have RAW win all of the matches at the co-branded PPVs. At least give us something. Other than Shane being all, "I'm a petulant jerk and I have this perceived inferiority complex. Let's start a fight." Although, I do know people like that so maybe this is just too close to home.

Image And Piers Morgan. Don't ever put disrespect on the names Corey Graves and Heath Slater ever again. And why do you always go to the "Twitter followers" defense when we know the majority of your followers are fake? This is such awful behavior. But it's sadder than anything else because Morgan was at the top of the world when he replaced Larry King. Now, yeah, I don't even know what he's doing now. His life is like the Sister Christian scene from "Boogie Nights."

Melvin Gordon has a tough matchup this week. I know, Jaguars against the run, LOLZ! But the team looked so much better with Marcell Dareus. This was such a great, low-key pickup for my friends down in Duval County, Florida.

I'm not saying the Jaguars are going to stop everyone. But if they can slow teams down in obvious running situations, that's going to be big. Seriously. Get on board.

I'd take a pass on Latavius Murray. He had one miracle game in an exploitable matchup.

The Browns are actually tough on opposing running backs (on the ground). So it makes sense to bench Ameer Abdullah this week.

And I like Abdullah as a person, and I like him as a player. He was my Rex Burkhead before Rex Burkhead. But dude fumbles way too much to trust.

How fun was it to play the Dolphins running backs last week? Don't do it again. The Panthers have allowed the third-fewest points to running backs.

Image Somebody needs to tell P. Diddy that Brother Love was already a beloved gimmick from the 1990s. It's pretty disrespectful of him, actually.

Congratulations to Alshon Jeffery for having a huge week. I don't care. I also don't care that he's on a bye, either.

T.Y. Hilton was a monster in Week 9. That's for sure. Right after I said some not nice things about him on "Good Morning Football Weekend." But really, I was lamenting his conditions, not him.

Speaking of conditions. I won't play Hilton this week against the Steelers. Unless you absolutely can't avoid it. I mean, if you have to choose between him and Tanner Gentry, then be realistic. But otherwise, I'm out.

Keenan Allen is also in a very similar situation. The Jaguars have allowed 4.7 fantasy points to No. 1 wideouts this year. If Allen can avoid getting into a fight, consider it a win.

Stefon Diggs could be in a very tough position against Josh Norman this week. You might want to go with some other options.

Demaryius Thomas. Also another tough start this week. The Patriots are getting better on defense. I'd rather go Emmanuel Sanders.

Why is Amari Cooper on a thing known as the hands team?

Josh Doctson is the best of the Washington receivers, but I'm not really feeling him this week against the Vikings. I'll pass.

Feeling super-bummed for Will Fuller. He was at quite a pace, but it's clear Tom Savage isn't going to be able to get him the ball.

But I do want to give some respect to Corey Davis and that toe-drag swag he showed in his return. Just leave him on the bench for one more week.

Jordy Nelson looked a little better. I think Devante Adams might be the best long-term receiver for the Packers. But I don't want to play them against the Bears this week.

I'm all for players sticking up for their teammates. The Mike Evans hit seemed a little unnecessary. If you want to square up against a dude, fine. But man, that was a little aggressive. Glad A.J. Green wasn't suspended or anything. Things happen sometimes.

I don't anticipate Ryan Fitzpatrick getting the ball to DeSean Jackson. I just don't.

Jason Witten. Every time I think he's out, he responds with a huge game. So I'm starting him this week, but I'm putting him here.

Image I know a lot of people have lamented for Aaron Rodgers, because it's clear the Packers do not have a great team around him. But, and I'm sorry, think of all of the great Bears defensive players who have had to suffer with insufficient quarterback play over the years. Sorry man, I'm all out of tears.

Image I'm not feeling the Twitter 280 characters, either. I mean, it is nicer to have people put full names on their tweets asking for roster advice instead of having to figure out which Williams/Smith/Prescott you're talking about. But then again, I also don't need to know the name of your prom date, either. Mine was Raquel. I think my point is, just because you have the power, don't let it corrupt you. That's all.

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