Like/Dislike: C.J. Anderson will bounce back in Week 7


What we are talking about:

  • C.J. Anderson

    Don't let last week scare you

  • Adrian Peterson

    No longer a pumpkin-filled burrito

  • Jordy Nelson

    Trying to move him in fantasy

I really want to trade away Jordy Nelson. Like really want to get rid of him. I mean, it was one thing to have to play this Packer when Aaron Rodgers was his quarterback, but I certainly don't want him now. It probably serves me right for drafting a Packer this season. So maybe this is all on me.

And look, I'm a fan of Brett Hundley, dating back to his time at UCLA. He can be great. But this is going to be a significant drop off. Unless you guys weren't serious about Aaron Rodgers being the greatest quarterback who ever lived. You were serious, right?

Here's the thing. It's not just the production and scoring. The one thing that was so great (annoying) about Rodgers was how he was able to keep drives alive. Like even in drives where the Packers didn't score (which seemed like never), they held on to the ball for sooooooo long. I know as a fan, it was always so frustrating to watch those games because it seemed like your offense was never on the field. Which I guess when Jay Cutler was your quarterback isn't the worst thing in the world. But I do feel that if Hundley produces more three-and-outs, and there are less offensive opportunities, some of these guys are going to start taking a hit fantasy-wise.

Also, Jordy hasn't looked the same in a while. I feel like his production this year stemmed from the chemistry he had with Rodgers. Now that he's gone, I expect a lot of missed connections here. When you LOOK AT THE NUMBERS, his production without Rodgers is slightly down. Not a huge drop off. But Jordy doesn't look as good on film. That's why I'm so scared.

The receiver I would want, though, is Davante Adams. He could be headed for a bigger target share. And if the team isn't scoring as much, and that defense gets exposed because Rodgers isn't there to protect them, then it's going to be Adams who benefits the most.

So seriously, does anybody want to take Jordy off my hands?

And without further ado ...

Andy Dalton against the Steelers is an automatic, must-not-play quarterback. It's funny because as mentioned, Green is amazing in these games. But Dalton can't be trusted.

Jameis Winston suffered an AC joint sprain in his throwing shoulder. And he didn't throw a ball during the week. This seems troubling to me. I'm not playing Ryan Fitzpatrick if he starts.

Call me a Bears homer if you will, but Cam Newton struggled in Week 6 and this Chicago defense isn't the pushover some like to pretend that it is. Don't @ me, fools!

BTW, Bears win and I will see you all in New Orleans on the boss's dime! So in other words, Cam is going to throw for about 500 and 4.

BTW, I tweeted out on Monday night that the Colts should trade Andrew Luck and keep the GOAT Jacoby Brissett. Some thought I was joking. Some thought I was dead serious. And here's the real answer

Jay Cutler is four-points better against the Jets than he is against the rest of the NFL. That's great and all, but I can't go there. And watch, this will be the game where he rakes. Can NFL players rake?

C.J. Beathard is my Danger Zone pick of the week. But damn, don't do something crazy like play him over Wentz just because you saw it on the show. Or do you? The DZU has been on fire.

Joe Flacco was great the last time he traveled to Minnesota. Which must seem like a decade ago. This season, Flacco does not have a game with 250 yards passing. Only one game with two touchdowns (which came against the Browns so that doesn't count). And, AND, he's yet to post a passer rating above 100. So, needless to say, this is the only time Flacco will be in Minnesota this year.

Image I love everything about The Shield coming back to RAW. But why did they use the Sierra Hotel India ��� entrance for RAW (which is free) instead of making it a big moment on the PPV? They did that the first time when Finn Balor did the "Demon" entrance during a RAW right before the PPV as well. It's OK to save some of the cool stuff for the things we are actually paying for. But maybe this got more buys. I'm not a TV executive.

Image I swear, if they are somehow going to ruin A.J. Styles vs. Nakamura for WrestleMania, I don't know what I'm going to do. My biggest fear is they want Jinder to go over Styles clean so he can have wins over Nak and A.J. headed into his big match against Brock Lesnar. And why are the secondary titles the best titles in the WWE? Both shows. Well, actually, the U.S. title kind of sucks now with Barron Corbin out there jobbing in non-title match losses and such.

Image And oh my, God. Kane? Are we really going with Kane here? I guess it makes sense. Roman Reigns retired his brother. I mean, they are brothers, right? Edge and Christian went from brothers to best friends, so you never know. But that was like the worst outcome for that match. I know it wasn't going to be Kenny Omega or anything cool. Because the good stuff is saved for NXT. But come on with this (expletive). And hey, when Cody Rhodes returns, he's coming straight back to the WWE and not NXT, right?

Jordan Howard set career highs in carries (36) and rushing yards (167) in Week 6 at Baltimore. He's huge to the Bears' success. But the Panthers rank fifth in rush defense this season. Nobody has bested LeGarrette Blount's 67 yards against them in Week 6. But it's trending up!

I know most aren't in a position to sit Howard this week. But I've actually seen it in my mentions. Don't get mad at me.

Melvin Gordon had another fine game. Yeah, I just don't see it. I mean, it's obviously working for him. But it's like watching my buddy win betting the hard ways on the craps table. The odds should catch up with him sooner rather than later, but you might as well enjoy it while the getting is good.

Philip Rivers has historically struggled against the Broncos. But damn, he's using Gordon like vintage Danny Woodhead recently. And I'm putting it over on this side because I have Rivers in a 14-teamer. I need some points.

I feel like the judge in the Ezekiel Elliott case is like that substitute teacher who doesn't want to collect the student's homework.

The Super Bowl is in Minnesota. Just in case you didn't get that joke in the Flacco comment. Just wanted to make sure. I know that was like six entries ago, it was on my mind.

Image I'm going to hate this World Series.

Jordy Nelson has 59 receiving touchdowns in 116 games with Aaron Rodgers. He's had four in 11 without him. I'm not saying to bench him. I've provided information. Which I don't like.

I would do what I can to move Stefon Diggs this week. I actually had to move him for James White and Carson Wentz in a 14-team league. Our quarterbacks are actually valuable in that league and I had to pull the trigger. That was smart, right? I feel like White is a low-key nice PPR play.

I just realized I don't have Alshon Jeffery on any team. I'm good with that. Watch out for Nelson SwAgholor this week.

I know I hit on Bennie Fowler on the other side, but ICYMI, he thrived with DT and Manny Sanders as cover. Don't think he gets two touchdowns as the "man" now.

I drafted Gronk in a ton of leagues this year. I hate my non-Gronk teams. If you're in a similar situation, don't play Jason Witten. The 49ers are weirdly tough against tight ends. I have no idea why.

The Saints defense is playing pretty well, too. They are opportunistic on defense. Which is great. Since Week 3, the Saints are sixth in points per game, fourth in yards allowed and second in yards per play. They've allowed an average of 17 points in their last three games and have nine takeaways after not producing a single one in the first two games. You might want to get rid of the "play your studs against the Saints defense" narrative.

The Jaguars defense ranks among the best this season. Third in passing yards allowed. First in sacks and takeaways. A.J. Bouye (when he was in Houston) and Jalen Ramsey limited T.Y. Hilton last year. Hilton caught six passes for on 11 targets for 76 yards. On the season.

Image One of the saddest things about football now is that I rarely get excited when my team (or my fantasy guys) scores a touchdown. I just sit there and wait for the other shoe to drop. Like I'm almost waiting for some obscure rule that's going to wipe the whole thing out. I really wish it wasn't this way. I want to be excited when my team scores. Instead I'm pessimistic and I'm like, "Oh great, how is this going to be ruined?" Like when your buddy invites you out for a fun pub crawl and then gets to the bar before he tells you, "Oh yeah, I invited my friend Greg." It's the worst.

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